Shirley Bovshow explains how Rose Hips can be harvested and enjoyed in more ways than one.

How To Harvest Rose Hips

Harvest rose hips after your first frost or after cold weather for the sweetest rose hips. Look for rose hips that have colored up, don’t harvest green, unripened rose hips. Wash and dry the rose hips and trim off the stem and blossom ends. Hold the hip securely and slice it in half.

Remove the Seeds:

The seeds inside have an irritating, hairy covering, so it is best if you remove the seeds prior to eating. Cut the hips in half and manually scoop out the seeds.

Dry the Hips:

To dry rose hips and retain the most nutrients, spread the hips on a baking tray and dry them in a warm, dry room for one week. Or, use a dehydrator set to 110 degrees Fahrenheit until the hips are dry and brittle. When completely dry, store them in airtight jars.

Rosie Hip Tea

Use dried cut rose hips steeped in boiling water for 10 minutes. Add honey for taste.

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