Monday, November 6th, 2017

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Winter Wonderland Brownies - Home & Family

Winter Wonderland Brownies

Debbie is in the kitchen making a delicious dessert of winter wonderland brownies and showing you how to make your own canister to present them in. When the brownies are done, make sure they are cool before cutting into them. When it comes to the canister, use a porcelain utensil holder that is also dishwasher safe.

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Shelly Long

Actress Shelly Long visits Home & Family to talk about her role as “Granny” in the film, “Different Flowers,” currently available on all digital platforms. She also opens up about her iconic character, Diane, from the sitcom “Cheers.” You can also can catch Shelly on Hallmark Channel during the holidays in the movie, “A Holiday Engagement,” just check your local listings for airtime.

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Capsule Collection Fashions - Home & Family

Capsule Collections Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to the latest fashions from Capsule Collections from jumpsuits to pumps, Lawrence has you covered.

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Alison Eastwood

Alison Eastwood talks about her organization that she founded, The Eastwood Foundation, which dedicates its time and efforts to animal welfare and fostering. She also opens up about her relationship with her dad, movie start Clint Eastwood. You can catch Alison’s film, “Battle Creek,” that she directed and produced currently playing in theaters.

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Weeziana Girl Gumbo - Home & Family

Weeziana Girl Gumbo

Actress Deniese Boutte is bringing you the recipe for gumbo, with her own delicious modifications. She cooks the Southern dish with oysters, sausage, shrimp and crap. She even makes her own shrimp stock for the dish by simmering shrimp still in their shells in water. While adding the ingredients, she points out to add the shrimp and crab last so they don’t overcook.

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Ahna O’Reilly

Actress Ahna O’Reilly sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new biopic, “Marshall,” which opens in theaters on November 10th. The movie is based on the life of young Thurgood Marshall. The actress also opens up about her love for the holidays and shares photos from past Christmas’s.

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DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Candle Centerpiece

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to decorate your tablescape for the holidays with this festive centerpiece using tubes, card stock, spray paint, glitter, Mod Podge and tea lights. When done, store the centerpiece in a tied plastic bag to keep it from getting ruined.

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Brad Ludden

Founder of “First Descents,” Brad Ludden is talking about his organization, which offers free adventures to cancer fighters. He explains that every year 70,000 young people get diagnosed with cancer. Aside from running “First Descents,” Brad also shares stories of being a professional kayaker.

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Chocolate Caramel Apple Taquitos - Home & Family

Chocolate Caramel Apple Taquitos

Owner of the Los Angeles restaurant, Christy Vega is in the kitchen making a delicious sweet treat of chocolate caramel apple taquitos. To save time, she recommends peeling and slicing your apples ahead of time. For an extra-sweetness, use golden delicious or fuji apples. This dish also perfect for getting the kids involved to help.

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