Monday, May 30th, 2016

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Dolly Parton's Stone Soup - Home & Family

Cristina and Dolly Cook

Home & Family is coming to you all week from Dollywood! Dolly kicks it off by cooking her mama’s traditional stone soup. She explains that her family was very poor and the soup would feed the entire family. A stone would be added to the soup to make it feel extra hearty. Growing up, all of the ingredients came from her family’s farm, including the cabbage, carrots and ham.

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DIY Cowboy Boots - Home & Family

DIY Cowboy Boots

Orly Shani is showing you how to personalize your very own cowboy boots. She was influenced by staying at Dollywood’s “Dream More” suite, where there were all types of fashions being displayed on the walls. She recommends finding the boots at a second-hand shop to save on money. She encourages you to get as creative as you want with the color and embellishments. She presents Dolly with a pair of boots that have her song lyrics written on them.

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Dolly's Q & A

Dolly takes the time to answer some audience question. She also shares that today is her 50th wedding anniversary and says that she and her husband are taking the camper to Georgia to spend the night at the place they got married.

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Gary "Biscuit" Davis Performs

Dolly’s great friend Gary “Biscuit” Davis talks about his friendship with the country superstar. Afterwards, Dolly sings one of her classics “Applejack” with Gary accompanying her on the banjo.

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DIY Ice Cream Candles - Home & Family

Ken's DIY Ice Cream Candles

Ken Wingard has a DIY inspired by Dolly’s stories of growing up without electricity. She shares that to this day, she loves lighting candles all over her house to provide lighting. Ken started this DIY at Old Flames Candle Shop which is located at Dollywood. He is joined by candle maker, Kearan Dykes and she teaches him a few tricks of the trade. Ken shows you how to make to make DIY Ice Cream Candles, which Dolly says looks almost so real that she wanted to eat it.

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Lumberjack Adventure

Dolly introduces Home & Family to one of the newest attractions, Lumberjack Adventure, which includes juggling, log rolling and acrobatics. This themed show is close to Dolly because her father used to be a lumberjack in the Smoky Mountains. She brings out one of the axe jugglers, Jeremy to demonstrate his skills for the audience. After, Logan and Tyler come out to to participate in a wood chopping competition.

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DIY Dream Box - Home & Family

DIY Dream Box

Paige Hemmis was inspired by Dolly’s milestones to show you how to create your own Dream Box. Using a wooden box, paint, a book, leaves, sponge, scissors and a butterfly she bought at the Dollywood gift shop. Paige suggests flattening the leaves for your dream box by placing them in a book for a few days. After you complete the box, you place your written down dreams, or symbols of your dreams, inside the box. Dolly adds one of her rhinestone bracelets to the Dream Box for Paige to take back to California.

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Wings of America

Dolly talks about the bird sanctuary on the Dollywood property and working closely with the American Eagle Foundation, which helps preserve endangered birds including the bald eagle. She introduces bird expert, Al Cecere and Challenger, a bald eagle who has been with the American Eagle Foundation for over 20 years. Matt Rogers recently visited the foundation’s headquarters in Dollywood, where he witnesses an eaglet feeding session and checks out the rehabilitation room for eagles that have been injured in the wild.

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Gemtones Perform - Home & Family

Gemtones Perform

Dollywood’s Gemstones come out to perform “God Bless America” for the Home & Family audience.