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Monday, March 12th, 2018

Spring Break Rescue Party

Larissa Wohl talks about spring break rescue parties, which are a great way to educate and entertain kids about rescue animals. She also introduces you to fun foods that you can serve at these parties, like “pupp-eroni pizza” and “pup-corn,” which are easy to make. She also provides you a pet care checklist and animal shelter wish list.


- Feed me 1-2 times a day

- Make sure I have lots of water

- Feed me a healthy treat when I’m really good

- Wash me when I get dirty

- Take me to the vet if I don’t feel well

- Walk me so I can exercise and explore

- Play with me every day

- Give me lots of love


- Towels/Blankets/Pet Beds

- Newspapers

- Pet Food/Treats

- Pet Toys

- Pet Carriers

- Heating Pads

- Hay

- Cat Scratching Posts