Monday, June 21st, 2021

Monday, June 21st, 2021
Love is Blind reality stars Lauren Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton to share their new book, Leap of Faith. Nutritionist and author, Joy Bauer makes delicious bell pepper nachos.

Rescue of the Week: Reversed Rescue

Larissa introduces Bonsai, a beautiful blue pitty available for adoption from Reversed Rescue. The rescue is located in Leona Valley California on a ranch that is a safe haven for animals in need. It even has tiny homes with a place for pups to call their own.

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DIY Catch-All

Ken Wingard has a DIY to help us keep organized so we know where to find our keys and sunglasses. He shows how to make a customized, clean and modern DIY Catch-All.

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Bell Pepper Nachos

Most people don’t think you can eat nachos and be healthy. However, Joy Bauer proves that theory wrong with her fully loaded Bell Pepper Nachos. She replaces the chips in these nachos with bell peppers, a hearty and delicious alternative that is good for your blood sugar.

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How to Advocate for Aging Loved Ones

As the ones we love age advocating for their health is very important. It can be overwhelming so CEO of Right at Home Brian Petranick shares tips for how to be a successful advocate.

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Passport Beauty

Kym Douglas is sharing the best beauty products from around the world. From Korean LED neck masks and Scottish rose water to Debbie’s new skincare line Ikaria Beauty inspired by Greece.

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Leap of Faith

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton crushed the term love at first sight as they got engaged before they even saw each other on the reality show, “Love is Blind.” They visit and share their experience and new book, “Leap of Faith.”

DIY Painted Adirondack Chairs

Orly Shani shows us how to do Summer in style with DIY Painted Adirondack Chairs. They will make you want to smile and take a seat.

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