Monday, July 8th, 2019

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Masa Bagel with Lox - Home & Family

Chef Sang Yoon's Masa Bagel with Lox
Chef Sang Yoon shows us how to step up our morning routine with a gourmet twist on bagels and lox. Chef Sang uses Mezcal on the salmon to add a smoky feel without having to actually smoke the salmon. To make the cream cheese he uses cotija cheese, but you could also use feta as an alternative.

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Author of "Ripple Effects" Pam Tebow
Author Pam Tebow stops by to discuss her book, “Ripple Effects.” Pam discusses how our everyday actions can create ripple effects that can enable us to be a positive impact in the world around us.

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Ken's Lemonade Stand - Home & Family

DIY Lemonade Stand
Ken shows you how to set up a fun DIY lemonade stand. Ken’s design makes it simple for parents and kids to assemble and put away easily.

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Common Exercise Mistakes - Home & Family

Common Exercise Mistakes
Cameron demonstrates how to correct some of the common mistakes your making during your workout. He provides tips for bicep curls, planks, push-ups, and back positioning.

Mistake: Moving your elbows and swinging your body
Tip: Keep your elbows tucked at your sides and curl forearms up to chest

Mistake #1: Raising your posterior
Mistake #2: Looking straight ahead
Tip: When planking, you want your body to form a straight line

Mistake #1: Elbow Position
Mistake #2: Hand Position
Tip: Keep elbows slightly pointed towards your sides while doing a push up

Mistake #1: Hunching back/Lifting with your back and not your legs
Tip: Lift with your legs and not your back

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Espresso Rubbed Pork Chop with Bourbon Caramel Sauce - Home & Family

Espresso Rubbed Pork Chops with Bourbon Caramel Sauce
Chef Wayne Elias shows you how to prepare a savory pork chop recipe. Wayne combines expresso with the brown sugar to give the pork a bit of a smoky flavor. It also helps bind the crust while keeping the pork chop moist and juicy.

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How to Prepare a Firepit
HGTV’s J. Pickens shows you how to add more fuel to your fire with the perfect outdoor firepit. J. advises calling 811 if you’re going to dig a firepit. The service offers can let you know if digging in your area puts you at risk of hitting utility lines. You should also check building codes in your area and finally, make sure your fire pit is up to code and not under any hanging branches.

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Project Freedom Ride
Larissa Wohl is joined by founders of Project Freedom Ride, Roman and Jen McCann. They share how they started their project to provide rides for homeless pets going to new families, rescues, and humane societies in the Pacific Northwest. Roman was also featured as a 2019 “Dodo Hero.”

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Churro Ice Cream Bowls - Home & Family

Churro Ice Cream Bowls
Maria Provenzano shows you how to make delicious Churro Ice Cream Bowls. To preserve the shape of the churro bowls, Maria places them in the freezer for at least a few hours before frying.

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Zuri Hall
E! News correspondent and “American Ninja Warrior" sideline reporter Zuri Hall stops by. She discusses how her family came to support her when she was filming in her home state of Ohio. Zuri also talks about how the story of competitor Brian Burk “The Burkinator,” who has Autism, touched her heart and how the show helped him find ways to relate to others. Finally, she opens up about how she met her boyfriend, Los Angeles Chargers’ tight end Shawn Culkin, on a prank date.

You can catch “American Ninja Warrior” Mondays at 8pm/7c on NBC.

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DIY Travel Games
Paige Hemmis shows you great ways to keep the entire family entertained during the summer travel days. For the words with family magnetic board, Paige uses super glue instead of hot glue so the pieces last longer.

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