Ken Wingard's DIY Lemonade Stand

Ken shows you how to set up a fun DIY lemonade stand.


  • Industrial strength velcro
  • Staples/Staple Gun
  • 1” boards (6’ and 5.5’)
  • ¾ inch dowels
  • Paint
  • Shower curtain
  • Curtain Finials
  • Download lemonade stand sign to your liking
Ken's Lemonade Stand - Home & Family


1. Add velcro to one side of the wood box.

2. Add matching velcro to another wood box.

3. Staple all velcro into place.

4. Add velcro on the inside to each of the wood boards.

5. Make sure to have the longer cut board in the back of the lemonade stand.

6. Drill holes in top of the wood boards.

7. Attach ¾ inch dowels through the boards.

8. Secure dowels with curtain finials.

9. Drape shower curtain over the top to create the awning for shade.

10. Velcro lemonade stand sign in the front.

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