HGTV’s J. Pickens shows you how to add more fuel to your fire with the perfect outdoor firepit.

Materials Fire Pit:

  • Fire ring
  • Sand to fill the bottom of the screen
  • Crushed lava rocks or glass (or a fire safe gravel)
  • Regular lava rocks (enough to fill the pit)

Materials for S'more Makers

  • 10-inch decorative straps
  • Decorative metal marshmallow holders
  • Nuts and bolts that will fit through the holes on the straps


1. Find the right place to locate the ring.

2. Push the ring tightly into the top layer of soil.

3. Pour about 1 inch of sand into the bottom and tamp it down.

4. Pour a bag of small gravel on top of the sand and tamp down.

5. Pour a thin Layer of lava rocks to cover the gravel.

6. This step is optional: pour a small amount of concrete over the
rock layers to lock it into place.

7. Pour lava rocks about half way up the height of the ring.

8. Pour a layer of lava rocks about 1’ all the way around the perimeter of the fire ring.

9. Secure decorative metal straps with nuts and bolts for s’more and roasting holders.

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