Dynasty Reunion

Stars from the 80’s nighttime soap opera ‘Dynasty’ visit Home & Family to talk about the great memories from that era. John James, Pamela Sue Martin, Al Corley, Pamela Bellwood and Gordon Thompson all tell great stories about their experiences on the show. The entire cast laugh and are brought to smiles when talking about the star John Forstythe and recount that he had the best sense of humor on the set. A lot of the actors are involved with The Hollywood Show, where collectors meet their favorite stars and get their autographs. 

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Cristina Cooks Baked Greek Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

Cristina is joined by Gordon Thomson from ‘Dynasty’ to make Baked Greek Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta. Gordon first learned to cook as a kid after school. He jokes that his palate has improved throughout the years.

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Latest Beauty Trends

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas is back with the latest beauty trends including lip balm, pigmented lipstick, skin tightening products, shimmering eyebrows, tinted moisturizers, and treatment lotions.

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Collector of Dynasty Gowns by Nolan Miller

Robert Mycroft is an expert of all things Dynasty. He is joined by the ‘Dynasty’ cast to talk about the famous fashion from the iconic show. Out of all the cast, Joan Collins had the highest budget for her clothing. Robert says that the fashion stood out from ‘Dynasty’ because it represented the 80’s. A lot of sparkles and a lot of shoulder pads!

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Preserving Invitations and Bouquets

Shirley Bovshow shows you a unique way to preserve event bouquets and invitations. She shows you how to make a clock with dried flowers and items that bring back great memories.

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DIY Snack Tray

Mark shows you that with a simple diagram you can make your own snack tray perfect for the big football game on Sunday! Farm Rich provides the perfect snacks to place in your football snack tray.

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Laura James Interview

Designer at Rogue Eyewear Laura James talks about her new line of glasses. She’s joined on the show by her father, John James. She also opens up about what it was like to win cycle 19 of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Different ‘Dynasty’ actors model the sunglasses for Home & Family.

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Sophie Talks Protein

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano gives you the lowdown of protein powders. Protein is necessary to build, maintain and repair muscles. Plant-based protein powders have a ton of nutrients. One of the benefits of protein powder is that you can easily take it on the go and prepare it on the road. Sophie recommends hemp protein, pea protein, and brown rice protein. She shows off a recipe where you can create your own protein at home and combine it with fruit and almond milk in the blender!

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Makeover Monday

Debbie Matenoupolos brings on Erin McShane for her Makeover Monday. It was Erin’s best friend Brandi who recommended her to receive the makeover. Debbie enlists a team to help her including hairstylist Paul Norton, make-up artist Carissa Ferreri, wardrobe stylist Marcy Guevara and stylist Jonathan Colombini from Sally Hershberger Salon. Debbie chose Erin’s story because she is always taking care of others and deserves a day of pampering at Le Jolie Medi Spa in Studio City.

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