Diana Maria Riva Interview
Star of the NBC comedy “Telenovela” Diana-Maria Riva joins Home & Family to talk about the show and her friendship with Eva Longoria. The actress talks about the audition process and coming in to read with Eva. Diana plays Mimi, who is the best friend to Eva’s Ana Sofia. The two are always dealing with the drama of the show, or the drama of her life. She shares a clip from the season finale that ends with a cliffhanger! Diana talks about her children and family life. She is the cheerleader for her daughter’s softball team and loves to live at a loud and passionate level! Mark and Diana do an impromptu telenovela scene to the laughter of the family members. Tune in for the finale of “Telenovela” Monday Feb 22nd at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

Cristina Cooks: Egg Ravioli with Marinara Sauce

Egg Ravioli with Marinara Sauce
Cristina is in the kitchen preparing a recipe that was inspired by one she saw in Cooking Light magazine. What makes this dish unique is using an egg yolk in a wonton wrapper! Cristina likens this dish to a “circus in your mouth.” The light marinara sauce is one Cristina makes all the time. She demonstrates how to gently assemble the ravioli and poach it! The dish is a hit with the family members.

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Color Correct your Face with Kym Douglas
Beauty Expert Kym Douglas discusses one of the hottest beauty trends right now. Color correction is a technique that incorporates brightly hued powders and creams to conceal blemishes. In this segment Kym shows how to use bright colors to both conceal and accentuate various facial features.

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“Deadpool” Actor Hugh Scott
From the hit superhero flic “Deadpool,” actor Hugh Scott sits down to talk with Mark and Cristina. Based off the “Deadpool” comic, the film stars Ryan Reynolds as the off-color and reluctant superhero. Today Hugh talks about the film and also reveals how his brother’s hearing loss influenced Hugh’s decision to become an actor.

“Deadpool” is in theaters now

Orly Shani’s DIY Embroidered Clothing - Home & Family

Orly Shani’s DIY Embroidered Jackets
DIY Expert Orly Shani shows how to breathe new life into last season’s looks.
Embroidery is a hot look on the Fashion Week runways but embroidered clothes can cost hundreds in stores. Today Orly shows how to a simple way to achieve a high-end embroidered look without breaking the bank.

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Jorge Cruise’s Good Morning Chia Seed Pudding

Good Morning Chia Seed Pudding
Celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise shares his recipe for chia seed pudding. The recipe is part of Jorge’s plant based diet that is designed to let you eat more while cutting calories. Starting the day with Jorge’s chia seed pudding is a great way to control your hunger and shed the pounds.

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Twin Fashion Fun with Lawrence Zarian
Fashion and Style Expert Lawrence Zarian shows how to expand your wardrobe with just a few items. Along with his twin brother Gregory, Lawrence shows how to create multiple looks using the same basic pieces.

Tanya Memme’s DIY Fairy Dust Necklace - Home & Family

Tanya Memme’s DIY Fairy Dust Necklace
DIY Expert Tanya Memme shows how to bring a little magic into your children’s lives with her whimsical DIY fairy necklaces. Tanya’s charming craft is a simple and inexpensive way to share a touch of magic with your kids.

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Jeanette Pavini’s Top 5 All Time Household Savings Tips - Home & Family

Jeanette Pavini’s Top 5 All Time Household Savings Tips
Consumer Savings Expert Jeanette Pavini shares her top household savings tips. From maximizing coupons to getting the best deals on new furniture, Jeanette’s tips can save you thousands. Plus, Jeanette has a fantastic tip to save a bundle on your mortgage.