Spencer Garrett Interview

The actor stops by to talk about his NBC series, “Aquarius.” Spencer plays one of Charlie Manson’s attorneys on the drama, but mentions his real dream role would be to play the President and has even met President Obama in real life! Outside of acting, Spencer is dating CNN anchor Dana Bush and during his free time he enjoys extreme activities like rock climbing and skydiving.
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Chef Roberto Martin Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Roberto Martin Cooks!

The owner of the restaurant, eLOVate and author of “Roberto’s New Vegan Kitchen” is in the Home & Family kitchen cooking Braised Daikon Scallops with Sugar Snap Peas and Shiitake Mushrooms. The flavorful dish is a huge hit with everybody!

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Everything Old is New Again!

Debbie Matenopoulos is here to tell you about all the fashion trends that are quickly making a comeback. Curly hair is now the look and so is parting it down the middle. Turbans are trending, too and is a look you can wear casually and for an elegant night out. Finally, don’t be afraid to add fringe to your purse, clothing or shoes!

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Haley Raam Interview

The actress opens up to Mark and Cristina about her role on the ABC Family series “Chasing Life.” Haley also talks about what it was like to act in 2007’s “Into the Wild,” a film directed by Sean Penn. In “Chasing Life,” Haley plays the younger sister of a woman with cancer, a role close to her heart since her own mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer when Haley was only 19.
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Repurposing Old Maps - Home & Family

DIY Repurposing Maps

Ever wonder what to do with those old maps you have lying around your house? Ken Wingard shows you how to repurpose them in a very creative way! All you need is a stack of old maps, scissors, Mod Podge and a little creativity!

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Ask the Family

The family all gather around to answer a variety of questions from viewers on Facebook!

Homemade Coconut Granola with Cashew "Yogurt" - Home & Family - Video

Arielle Haspel and Nutrition

Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Arielle Haspel visits Home & Family to talk about how to make everyday foods healthier and more nutritious. She shows you how to make your own granola using oats that are high in fiber and coconut oil, which contains anti-inflammatory properties. Adding cashews will make you feel fuller, faster.

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Save with a Home Energy Audit

Jeanette Pavini gives you several tips on how to save money off your energy bill. This begins with a Home Energy Audit, that can potentially save you 5% - 30% off your energy bill.

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Unhealthy Shoes - Home & Family

Are Your Shoes Making You Sick?

Matt Iseman, MD sits down with Home & Family to talk about shoes and how they potentially can be making you sick. He urges you to look for comfort when it comes to buying shoes and to really research your workout shoes before purchasing. Remember to always accommodate for feet swelling while exercising.

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