Viewer Mail – Pet Adoption, Summer Wardrobe Swap and Breathing Tips for Planks

The Family always loves hearing from viewers. Larissa, Orly and Cameron help answer your questions.

Check with shelters to see what their adoption protocols are.

Larissa explains how the adoption process has changed and become a bit more challenging during the pandemic. Good news is more people are helping foster and adopt but that means longer waits. Larissa suggests before making an appointment at a shelter, check online for animals available for adoption in your area. You can also look into virtual appointments.

Layer a jacket over a sundress, add a belt and some booties to take your Summer wardrobe into Fall.

Orly explains you can style a typical Summer dress for Fall by swapping out the type of shoes you wear. Swap flip flops for boots. Next, add a belt to give structure and adjust the length of your dress. Finally, add a jacket to complete this Fall look.

Keep your core tight and breathe in intervals of 5.

Cameron provides the best breathing techniques to use when doing Planks. A plank is a great full-body exercise and slow breathes in and out help you hold the position. Cameron suggests breaking in for a count of five and out for a count of five. Engage core on your core and tuck your belly button in on the out breath.

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