Adorn your doors with a colorful and modern take on a Spring Wreath.


  • Metal macrame hoop 19” or desired size
  • Wooden beads with 7mm stringing hole
  • Faux flowers and greenery
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Duct or heavy-duty tape


  1. Cut the metal hoop open with the wire cutters.
  2. Feed the wooden beads onto the ring until it’s entirely covered except the last two inches on each end of the hoop.
  3. Overlap the ends of the hoop then tape the ring closed.
  4. Create a floral corsage for the wreath. Cut and arrange the two sets of individual sprigs into small corsages then attach them together with floral wire with a large flower in the center to cover the connection.
  5. Use floral wire to attach the corsage to the wreath covering the taped part. Secure with floral wire.
  6. Hang and enjoy!

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How to Start a Garden