Actress Jen Lilley visits and Chef Fabio Viviani prepares red wine risotto with caramelized pancetta and goat cheese in Season 9, Episode 75 of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."

Hallmark Star Jen Lilley Visits


We’ve enjoyed actress Jen Lilley in over a dozen Hallmark original romance movies and counting. Five of the titles have the word ‘Love.” She recounts her favorite moments from these films including how co-star Brendan Penny always kept her laughing.

Jen has also been busy at home with three little ones including her youngest daughter who just turned two. Jen also talks about fostering children and how everyone can get involved to help protect children and provide a safe loving home.

Pet Adoption Spotlight: Paw Works

Larissa has been connecting with rescues and shelters across the country helping animals.


Today she highlights one of these shelters, Paw Works Rescue. Ainar, Amaris, Arche, Armando, Artem, Aruna, Atalune are shepherd mix puppies from Paw Works looking for a forever home and are just some the animals receiving support from Paw Works. The central valley shelter helps relieve other overfull shelters and has opened a low-cost vet clinic to help animals stay in their home longer.

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How to Make a DIY Spring Wreath


Adorn your doors with a colorful and modern take on a Spring Wreath. Ken Wingard loves Spring décor. He shows us how to add an architectural structure to a traditional floral wreath for a modern spin. Ken also uses wooden beads for a delicate, but sturdy design.

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Fabio Viviani’s Recipe for Red Wine Risotto

Culinary powerhouse Fabio Viviani is showing us how to make a delicious Red Wine Risotto.


The trick to cooking a creamier risotto is adding a little bit of goat cheese. After you plate your risotto, tap the plate on a cutting board. If the risotto spreads evenly, you know you’ve made the dish right.

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Blue Light Beauty


Blue light impacts our skin and can have an impact on aging. Kym Douglas shows how to use light to help your skin battle inflammation, acne and aging. She also shares how to protect and your eyes from blue light and moisturize and rejuvenate the skin under your eyes.

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How to Make DIY Twisted Candles


Maria Provenzano shows how to make DIY Twisted Candles. These candles are trending everywhere. Maria has worked out all the kinks in the craft to show you a simple and easy way to make these custom attention-grabbing candles.

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