Upcycle your everyday rugs to create custom and unique pillows.


  • Rug
  • Pillow insert or pillow stuffing
  • Sewing machine and thread or needle and embroidery floss
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric chalk or marker
  • Quilting ruler or straight edge
How to Make Decorative Pillows out of Rugs - Home & Family


  1. Mark out the amount of material you will need on the rug, the width should be the width the of the pillow and the length should be the height of the pillow multiplied by 3.
  2. Cut the rug to create the pillow cover pattern.
  3. With the right-side face up, fold the material so that there is about a 3” overlap where the opening will be. If hand stitching, fold the material with the right-side face down.
  4. Pin the sides in place.
  5. Sew the sides closed. Lock each seam with a backstitch or knot if hand sewing.
  6. If machine sewn, flip the pillow cover right-side out. Make sure to poke the corners out.
  7. Insert the pillow insert or stuffing.
  8. Squeeze the pillow to fluff into shape and enjoy!

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