Paige Hemmis and Maria Provenzano team up on a football DIY!

Materials for DIY Football Field Table Runner

  • A sheet of green felt; a good size to find is 36′′x36′′
  • White Scotch Tape
  • White vinyl adhesive letters
  • A piece of chalk
  • Ruler
  • Fabric scissors

Directions for Football Field Table Runner

1) Cut the large piece of felt in half; depending on the size you get at the store, you may need to cut less or more, but the ultimate goal is to create a very long rectangle that looks like a table runner.

2) Iron out the wrinkles

3) Place two of the short ends together, and place a long piece of the white scotch tape where they slightly overlap to secure them together; flip over and repeat

4) Use a ruler to measure 10 inches on each side of the white tape, and mark with the chalk; then lay another long piece of white scotch tape over the felt.

5) An important tip!! When placing the tape over the felt, make sure it is about 1 inch or so longer on the top and bottom of the felt, so that it can be folded over the felt onto the back.

6) Then flip the felt over and place another long piece of tape so that it reaches both of the pieces that have been folded over the sides, and this keeps it secure and in place *Repeat until the entire thing is measured out every 10 inches for the white tape lines.

7) The chalk helps to mark where you are putting the tape to make sure everything is precise, then you can simply wipe the mark away with your hand or a dry towel if it is still showing.

8) Place the numbers on according, starting with the 50 yard line in the middle and working your way ou.

9) Then it’s ready to display!!

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