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Dylan Neal Interview and DIY

“Cedar Cove” actor Dylan Neal stops by to talk to Mark and guest co-host Nancy Grace about the series. A self-described handyman, Dylan stays to make DIY Crate Seats. He points out that this project is great because it has two uses, a seat and a storage area! He first did the DIY for his son’s class.
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Kym’s Last Minute Party Must-Haves

Looking for some fun party ideas for your Labor Day weekend? Kym Douglas has your covered! She introduces you to a watermelon tap, s’mores kit and even shows you how to make your very own lawn Twister game!

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S'Mores Kit
Watermelon Tap-Deluxe Kit

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Revitalizing Small Towns in America - Home & Family

Revitalizing Small Towns in America

Maggie Wilderotter, the Executive Chairman of Frontier Communications sits down with Mark and Nancy to talk about America’s Best Communities. It is an organization focused on economic development and improving places to live and work. Maggie visits small communities and watches as they are serving rural America. She also discusses the new competition that will award three million dollars to the best community in April 2017, to be spent on revitalization.

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Cheddar Risotto- Home & Family

Graham Elliot Cooks

Celebrity chef and “Masterchef” judge Graham Elliot is in the kitchen cooking up some Cheddar Cheese Risotto, but before that he opens up to Home & Family about his love for cooking and being inspired by Gordon Ramsey. The chef admits he has a very sophisticated palate and is open to trying almost everything, even dog in the Philippines. Graham's cookbook, ""Cooking like a Master Chef" hits bookshelves on October 27th.
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Advocating for Yourself

Fox News Anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle is opening up about her new book “Making the Case: How to be Your Own Best Advocate.” She says she was first inspired to write this book after looking back on her childhood, when her mother passed away when Kimberly was only 11. Her father taught her to make a case for things she wanted and to “never be afraid of the no.” Now, Kimberly wants to also teach children to be an advocate for themselves. She hopes people will stick up for themselves and be passionate for what they believe in. It all starts with being your own advocate.

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Nancy Grace Cooks - Home & Family

Nancy Grace Cooks

Nancy takes a break from interviewing to head in the kitchen and cook her Chicken Tagine in a slow-cooker. Afterwards, she recommends serving the dish over couscous and garnish it with pine nuts and cilantro.

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Life Hacks for Kids

YouTube sensation Sunny Keller is here to show you some easy life hacks for kids, for example, she turns a pair of blue jeans into a basket and decorates a bottle cap and makes it a magnate! She even makes a tool belt for Mark out of denim!

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Keeping Bugs Away From Fresh Food - Home & Family

Keeping Bugs Away from Fresh Food

Tanya Memme and Shirley Bovshow team up for a DIY, their second time working together. This time, they are designing a crate you can place over your picnic food to keep flies away! The crate also works as a sturdy table to place your plates on creating more space on your table!

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