Turn an old pair of jeans into something more!

Blue Jeans Basket

  • Pair of old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Steps for Blue Jeans Basket

1) First we’re going cut part of the leg off of the jeans.

2) Turn your jeans inside out

3) Glue the cut edge together

Note: Be careful when using the hot glue gun!

4) When it dries, run another line of glue along the top of the cut edge

5) After that dries, flip your jeans back the other way

Steps for Blue Jeans Tool Belt

For these, all you need is an old pair of jeans and some scissors

1) Cut jeans along pockets. make sure you leave the two belt loops on the outside of the pockets.

2) Cut the rest of the waist band off.

3) In one pocket, cut a slit near the bottom – this will be perfect to leave a hanger

4) Leave the other pocket in tact for tools like nails

5) Now just feed a belt through the loop, and you’re ready to get to work!

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