Friday, September 23rd, 2016

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Child Car Seat Awareness - Home & Family

Child Seat Safety

Actress Ali Landry visits Home & Family to talk about Child Seat Safety Awareness. She confesses that she had to learn a lot about car seats, herself and went on to become a certified child passenger safety technician. She shows Mark and Debbie the proper way to install a car seat and she recommends going to your local fire station to have your seat checked by a technician.

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Kushari - Home & Family

Egyptian Street Food

Border Grill’s Susan Feniger is in the kitchen with Mark cooking up one of her favorite Egyptian street food dishes, kushary. She explains that kushary can be served as a side dish or a main course. For the nutty flavor, she recommends toasting the basmati rice and brown lentils. She adds cumin powder to enhance the flavor of the dish.

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Stephen Kramer Glickman Interview

The actor talks to Mark and Debbie about his new film, “Storks” which opens in select theaters this week. In the movie, he plays the voice of the character “Pigeon Toady” and as a reward, Stephen’s mother brought him a real life pigeon. He jokes about his fame and how last year there was even an internet hoax that he had died, and he had to explain to his parents that he really was alive. As a hobby, Stephen has a pretty extensive toy collection that he is quite proud of.

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The Power of When

Dr. Michael Breus sits down with the family members to talk about their basic behaviors and how to use that information to their advantage when pursuing their goals and happiness. He breaks down the common personalities: dolphin, lion, bear and wolf. Each family member reveals what personality they are and the doctor breaks down how they can put the information to work!

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Honey Nut Cheerios Muffins - Home & Family

Honey Nut Cheerios Muffins

Debbie is in the kitchen baking Honey Nut Cheerios muffins, which is a perfect breakfast to get you ready for your morning workout. These muffins are also good for maintaining a healthy heart and an added bonus is that kids will love them, too.

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Solutions for Reluctant Risers

Kym Douglas admits that she is not a morning person so she has some helpful products to get you moving. From an alarm clock that rolls away so it forces you to get out of bed to cereal that you can take on the go on those days you are running late to work.

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Over the Knee Boots - Home & Family

Over the Knee Boots

With fall finally here, Lawrence Zarian introduces you to some fashionable over the knee boots that are trending right now with celebrities. When it comes to deciding to what to wear with your over the knee boots, he suggests playing around with the proportions of your body. Kym, Shirley and Paige model a variety of boots that are stylish and comfortable.

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DIY Welcoming Mats - Home & Family

DIY Inspirational Welcome Mats

Paige Hemmis is saving you a lot of money and showing you how to make your own welcome mat. She recommends putting an inspirational message on the mat because it makes your home look more inviting. When it comes to protecting the welcome mat, Paige suggests placing scotch guard beforehand. Don’t forget to let the paint dry over over 24 hours before placing it outside. This entire DIY will cost you $25.

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