Friday, September 15th, 2017

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Mashed Potato Eggs Benedict - Home & Family

Mashed Potatoes Egg Benedict Waffles

Hilah Johnson of “Hilah Cooking,” is in the kitchen making a sweet and savory breakfast of mashed potato eggs benedict waffles. She encourages you to not over-mix your waffles, but at the same time is okay if you leave some lumps in. You will know when your waffles are done when your waffle iron stops steaming. When it comes to making the hollandaise sauce, whisk in the melted butter slowly.

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Shawn Wayans

Comedic actor Shawn Wayans sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his upcoming tour as a stand-up comedian.

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DIY Holiday Table Runner - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Table Runner

Maria Provenzano is getting ready for the holidays with this DIY Christmas table runner. Before getting started, she recommends measuring the table runner before cutting. Use the fabric glue to attach the felt shapes to the runner. The entire DIY will cost you around $20.

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Love in the Mirror

Jonas Corona visits Home & Family to talk about an organization that he founded with his mother and brother, “Love in the Mirror,” which strives to inspire young people to make a difference through volunteer commitment.

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Timon Kyle Durrett

Actor Timon Kyle Durrett sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his upcoming two-night season premiere of the OWN series, “Queen Sugar,” which you can catch October 3rd and 4th. He also opens up about his life before hitting it big, including jobs in security and as a celebrity trainer. He is also an author, writing a book on inspirational self-help.

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DIY Mosaic Bookshelf - Home & Family

DIY Mosaic Bookshelf

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to update your bookshelf by turning it into mosaic art. You can find your colored glass and ceramic pieces online and spare them by colors. Use the jewelry cleaner to clean the glass and make it shine.

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Open House

Amanda Pays and Corbin Bernsen talk about writing their book, “Open House” where they share their stories of flipping houses. They also give you their own personal tips on flipping houses, this includes opening up your home by combining the living area and kitchen. They also recommend using a neutral paint and letting art and furniture shine through.

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Healthy School Lunches - Home & Family

Healthy School Lunches

Debbie is in the kitchen showing you how to make some healthy school lunches with the help of Dole Mixations. Dole Mixations is a healthy snack because it has no high fructose corn syrup or GMO ingredients.

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Magic Beauty

Kym Douglas is introducing you some fantastic beauty products that involve magic, including nail polish that turns different colors.

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