Paige Hemmis is taking your bookshelf and turning into art using a mosaic design using colored glass, deli cups, grout and a sponge.


  • bookshelf
  • ceramic tile adhesive
  • colored glass or ceramic
  • deli cups
  • grout
  • sponge
  • jewelry cleaner
  • bright marker
DIY Mosaic Bookshelf - Home & Family


1. Remove and measure the back of the bookshelf

2. Buy a piece of 1/4 inch plywood with the same measurements so that you can replace it

3. Draw your tree outline based on these measurements (you can freehand or use a stencil or

4. Trace with a bright colored marker

5. Spread the ceramic tile adhesive onto the wood

6. Separate your different color glass or ceramic into deli cups or tupperware

7. Place pieces of glass and ceramic onto the tile adhesive, following the pattern of your tree

8. Allow to try for 24 hours

9. Spread grout onto the mosaic and clean with a sponge (you’ll want to repeat this a few

10. Clean mosaic with jewelry cleaner or toothpaste

11. Screw the plywood back onto the board

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