Maria's DIY Christmas Table Runner

Maria Provenzano is getting into the Christmas spirit by making her own table runner that will be perfect for your holiday dinner.


  • Plain table runner 
  • Brown felt and black felt for reindeer 
  • Red Pom Pom or something similar for reindeer nose 
  • white felt, black felt, and orange felt for the snowman; optional red and green felt for holly on the hat 
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Chalk
DIY Holiday Table Runner - Home & Family


1) Use the chalk to draw the reindeer or snowman shape on the felt, repeat with hat if doing the snowman

2) Use the fabric scissors to cut the shapes out

3) Place onto the table runner and make any sizing adjustments needed

4) Pre-place the shapes to make sure everything fits correctly

5) Use the fabric glue to attach the shapes to the table runner

6) Add any details you like such as black eyes for the reindeer and snowman, a red nose for the reindeer, a orange nose for the snowman, some holly for the snowman's hat, etc

7) Allow to dry completely

Tip: if you are not comfortable with freehand drawing the picture, you can print something out from online and trace it.

Tip: you can do any design you like for the decorations, this look is specifically the tops of the heads to look like they are peaking over the edge

Tip: measure the table runner before measuring and cutting out the shapes to be sure the shape of the reindeer or snowman will fit in the area desired

Tip; to make sure the reindeer is even on both sides, fold the piece of felt in half when cutting

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