Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Victor Webster Stops By - Home & Family

Victor Webster

Actor Victor Webster sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “A Harvest Wedding,” which premieres Saturday, October 21st at 9/8c. Aside from acting, Victor shares some of his favorite thrilling activities he enjoys during his free time. He shares photos of himself swimming with sharks and holding an actual alligator. Victor also enjoys skydiving out of planes!

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Smoked Pork Hash with Poached Eggs - Home & Family

Smoked Pork Hash with Poached Egg

Owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen, Tanya Holland is back in the kitchen and today she cooking a flavorful breakfast of smoked pork hash with poached eggs and homemade chipotle cream. With the dish, she recommends that the hash consist of a nice fatty meat like pork, brisket or dark meat poultry. Once you make the dish, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to three days before serving.

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Creative Ways to Help Your Shelter

Larissa Wohl is coming up with creative ways to help your local animal shelter. Some of her suggestions include getting kids involved in volunteering with the pets, raising money through a wedding registry and reading to shelter pets.

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DIY Topiary Tree

Shirley Bovshow is giving you creative ways to make decorative topiary using rosemary, boxwood and a dwarf olive tree. When it comes to looking for the perfect plant for this DIY, select one that has a straight stem. The plant you choose should also be small with closely spaced leaves. When done, make sure you water your topiary plant up to two times a week.

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Maple Rosemary Popcorn with a Harvest Moon Cocktail - Home & Family

Maple Rosemary Popcorn

Debbie is in the kitchen making the perfect snack to go with the Hallmark Channel premiere of “Harvest Love,” this Saturday. She is making rosemary maple popcorn and pairing it with a refreshing homemade cocktail, which contains bourbon. The cocktail can easily be turned into a “mocktail,” using cranberry juice.

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DIY Sweater Socks - Home & Family

DIY Sweater Socks

Orly Shani is getting comfortable and ready for the colder weather by showing you how to make your own sweater socks to keep your feet warm. If you don’t have yarn around, you can also use embroidery thread. To prevent slipping, create your tread at the bottom of the socks by using hot glue or fabric paint.

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Fran Drescher

Actress and activist Fran Drescher visits Home & Family to talk about her charity, “Cancer Schmancer” which is about to hold its 3rd Annual Health Summit this October 24th. She also shares photos from past summits and talks about the importance of staying healthy and eating organic foods.

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Chicken Shawarma - Home & Family

Chicken Schwarma

Natural Foods Cooking instructor and author Pamela Salzman is cooking mouth-watering chicken schwarma with homemade white sauce. She also talks about her new cookbook, “Kitchen Matters.”

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DIY Bat Swarm

Paige Hemmis and Mark Steines team up on a fun decorative Halloween-themed DIY with making your very own bat swarm for your front yard. Use fish wire to string your “bats” from limb to limb. After, Paige and Mark make a decorative black cat and owl.

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