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DIY Owl & Cat

DIY Owl & Cat

Mark Steines and Paige Hemmis team up to bring you this fun and decorative DIY.
  • Foam Core
  • Black Faux Fur or Feathers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Glue
  • Yellow Felt


1. Cut out cat or owl from foam core (templates available as a guide)

2. Use spray glue to attach faux fur (cat) or feathers (owl) to the body

3. Trim the fur to fit the outline of the cat or owl (cut out the fur where the opening to the eyes are)

4. For the eyes, hot glue yellow felt on the back side of the foam core where the opening for the eyes are

5. To hang you can use bailing wire or tape (depending on where it is being hung)

Download the Template

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