Friday, November 8th, 2019

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Pet Adoption - Misty - Home & Family

Pet Adoption
The brand-new Adoption Ever After bungalow is revealed. Larissa has helped save thousands of animals and this special safe haven helps to make animals feel cozy as she continues to help our furry friends find their forever homes.

Inside the bungalow we meet golden retriever / cocker mix Misty. A golden girl at 12 years young.

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Three-month-old kittens, Brianna, Bud and Bellamy are looking for a forever home. If you’d like a kitty to call your own, they fit the bill.

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Happy Tail
Larissa shares a Happy Tail about Taryn who has adopted two pets with Larissa's help.

More recently, Taryn adopted Hula, formerly known as Jessica Rabbit. Taryn was drawn to Hula as she is a special needs kitty and Taryn herself was born with a hearing impairment and feels like her home is a beautiful land of misfit toys.

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Layered Peppermint Party Pudding - Home & Family

Layered Peppermint Party Pudding
Charles Phoenix makes a pudding packed with lots of fun treats and bright colors. His layered Peppermint Party Pudding is a new take on banana pudding. Instead of layering the pudding with bananas, Charles is using Twinkies and Ho Hos for a Holiday treat sure to be a hit.

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Mike Rowe on His New Book “The Way I Heard It”
Mike Rowe has always been a champion of the those doing the toughest jobs with his show “Dirty Jobs.” He has written his first book on his experiences called, “The Way I Heard It.” He was inspired by his mother to write the book as she is also a best-selling author at over 80 years old.

He also started Mike Rowe Works which has raised over 5 million dollars for work ethic scholarship funds. Currently, Mike has a web series called “Returning the Favor” in which he rewards people making a difference.

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Hand Lettering
Best-selling author, and hand lettering expert, Amy Latta explains the popularity of hand lettering has grown as it is a way to reconnect with putting pen to paper and de-stress.

Amy’s new book “Hand Lettering for Faith,” is designed to get people into Bible journaling and demonstrates all the fonts, techniques and embellishments that go along with hand lettering.

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De-Stress for the Holidays
During the holidays it is important to take care of yourself before everyone else. “Tone It Up” founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott show us how to do just that with a simple routine to help you relax, connect with your body, and breathe.

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North Pole Cupcakes - Home & Family

North Pole Cupcakes
Maria is making North Pole Cupcakes in celebration of National Vanilla Cupcake Day. This is not just an ordinary vanilla cupcake as they are packed with a flavorful punch from actual vanilla beans. These festive cupcakes are almost too beautiful to eat.

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"Wrapped Up in Christmas" Author Janice Lynn - Home & Family

Wrapped Up in Christmas
Award-winning author Janice Lynn tells Cameron all about her new book, “Wrapped Up in Christmas” and shows how we can bring a part of the book to life in our own home.

“Wrapped Up in Christmas” it is set in a small Kentucky town where Sarah Smith made a quilt for wounded warriors. The hero who received her quilt comes to town expecting to say thank you to an old woman but finds Sarah.

Snowflakes are featured prominently in the story. Janice shows us how to make decorative snowflakes like Sarah and the hero make in “Wrapped Up in Christmas.”

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Kitty Claus - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Kitty Claus
Larissa reveals the Kitty Claus Hallmark Keepsake Ornament on Day 11 of the advent calendar. Larissa loves this ornament as it reminds her of Dolly, a cat she had as a kid.

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Day to Night Holiday Fashion
Lawrence is showing us how to take one outfit from day to night. Pro tips from Lawrence include planning in advance and keep back up pieces of clothing in your car.

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Sage & Rosemary Rubbed Upside Down Roast Chicken - Home & Family

Sage & Rosemary Rubbed Upside down Roast Chicken
Jessica Roy has us head over wings with her Sage & Rosemary Rubbed Upside Down Roast Chicken. It is beautiful, healthy and delicious. No one likes a dry bird. Jessica explains how cooking the chicken upside down for a little while creates a nice a juicy bird.

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