Wrapped Up in Christmas

Wrapped Up in Christmas

A gift of warmth
to heal two hearts…
(Book 1 of 3)
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Sarah Smith in Pine Hill, Kentucky has had her heart broken in the past. She pours herself into her work at church and into special projects—like making a quilt for a wounded warrior.

Bodie Lewis is lost. All he’s ever wanted was his career as an Army Ranger, but he was injured in an explosion that killed his brothers in arms. In the hospital, he receives a handmade quilt. Later, he sets out on his final mission: to find and thank its maker.

Bodie expected Sarah to be an elderly lady, not a lovely young woman. When she mistakes him for a handyman, he doesn’t immediately set her straight. Instead, he sets about repairing the home she’s turning into a bed and breakfast. Sarah’s presence and the spirit of the small town bring Bodie something he thought he’d left far behind on the battlefield: hope.
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In Wrapped Up in Christmas, one of the ladies at Sarah’s church is famous for her cinnamon bread recipe. Others attempt to copy it without success. Here’s that secret recipe, filled with cinnamon and covered with yummy icing. The trick to beautiful swirls is in folding the dough into thirds so you get an extra layer of the delicious cinnamon-sugar blend. This bread is perfect for a Christmas celebration, like Sarah and Bodie enjoy together, or for any time of year.

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About The Author
About Janice Lynn
Author Janice Lynn loves to spin a tale that puts a smile on her reader’s lips and a tear in their eye as they travel along her characters’ journey to happy ever after. Her favorite read is one with a strong heroine who is able to laugh at herself and a hero who appreciates the heroine's strengths and imperfections.

Janice’s books have won numerous awards including the National Readers' Choice Award and the American Title, but she is most proud of her seven children. From actor, engineer, nurse, student, to Army National Guard, they are her greatest accomplishments.

Janice lives in Tennessee with her family, her vivid imagination, lots of crafting and quilting supplies, and numerous unnamed dust bunnies.