Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott layout a simple routine to help you relax and connect with your body and breathe.
De-Stress for the Holidays with Tone It Up - Home & Family

During the holidays it is important to take care of yourself before everyone else. “Tone It Up” founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott show us how to do just that with a simple routine to help you relax, connect with your body, and breathe.

1. Warrior 2 + Bend/Straighten Front Leg: find heel to arch alignment in your feet, bending and lengthening through your front leg. Extend your arms like a strong warrior and keep your core strong. Warrior 2 is a great hip opening yoga pose that activates your core, inner thighs and make you feel like the strong warrior you are.

2. Crescent Pose Lunge + Shoulder Opener: with your feet hip distance apart, activate your core and bend slightly into both knees. Clasp you’re hands behind you for a shoulder opener and add a lunge. This toning move strengthens your legs, works your booty, and keeps your core super strong. Plus opening your shoulders will feel amazing!

3. Hamstring Stretch: in a runners lunge with your back knee down, shift it forward and then stretch back with your foot flexed. Release tension in your hamstrings from running errands during the holiday season.

4. Low Lunge + Cross Body Stretch: shift forward into your front knee while on the mat. Extend arm across your body to stretch. Stretch out your psoas and release tension in your hips. This cross body arm stretch will feel so good in between wrapping gifts!

5. ** do entire flow on the other side.

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