Sebastian Roche Interview
Actor Sebastian Roche sits down with Home & Family to talk about his childhood and career. Sebastian spent his entire teen years on a boat after his father quit his job and decided to set sail. Sebastian talks about living off a diet of fresh seafood during that time and meeting so many interesting people during his family’s travels. The actor also talks about his roles on “Once Upon a Time” and “The Originals” and what is was like marrying his wife in a French castle!

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Pastrami Salmon BLT - Home & Family

Chef Andrew Gruel's Pastrami Salmon BLT
Chef Andrew Gruel visits the Home & Family kitchen to share his recipe for a traditional BLT with an interesting twist. Andrew swaps out the "B" with pastrami rubbed salmon and a tangy mustard sauce. Andrew knows a thing or two about preparing delicious food having graduated from culinary school at Johnson & Wales University and being the head chef at Slapfish Restaurant with locations in California, Baltimore, and the Middle East.

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DIY Curious Bunny Pots - Home & Family

Tanya Memme's DIY Curious Bunny Pots
With Easter right around the corner Tanya Memme has the perfect project to help you decorate, Curious Bunny Pots. For the bunny pot, Tanya recommends using either a basket, wooden crate or flower pot. The pots are also a great way to hide Easter eggs or candy. You can also use them as a centerpiece or as a fun Easter gift. And the best part, the entire project will cost you under $10!

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Jake Robinson Interview
Actor Jake Robinson talks to Mark and Cristina about his new role on NBC’s “American Odyssey,” which tells a complex journey through global politics and military secrets. Jake says there is something for everybody in this show. Jake also shares the story of when his dog escaped into downtown LA while Jake was filming the show.

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Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's Tips to Combat Your Food Cravings
Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder opens up about how to combat food cravings. The author of “The Beauty Detox Power” says that the way to limit the cravings is to address the problem psychologically. For example, people who are stressed usually crave salty and crunchy foods. Chocolate is the number one food people overall crave because it gives a feeling of comfort. To help curb the chocolate cravings, quickly sniff coffee beans. Kimberly also shares her recipe for gluten-free brownies that are sure to cure your sweet tooth!

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Kym Douglas' Favorite Products Made by Women, For Women
Kym Douglas is all about supporting products made by women. Today Kym shows off a Hip Appeal fanny pack that's perfect for the woman on the go. She also shows off the UpCouture, a shirt that helps with posture, and the  Blend It Beauty Brush, which helps blend all your makeup in one application.

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Carrot Cake with Pecan Frosting - Home & Family

"Taste of Home" Magazine's Carrot Cake with Pecan Frosting
Cristina Skypes in with Adrian Badon to help bake her Taste of Home’s chosen recipe for Carrot Cake with Pecan Frosting. Adrian got this recipe from her Girl Scout leader who passed it down to Adrian to use for her wedding. Adrian suggests adding pecans to the frosting for the that extra-crunch. This recipe is a big hit with the family and is sure to be a hit with yours.

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Decorative Fireplace Cover - Home & Family

Ken Wingard's Decorative Fireplace Cover
Ken Wingard shows you how you can add some decor to your fireplace by making your own stylish fireplace cover. Ken also points out that using fireplace screens can reduce your house’s air conditioning costs, making this a project you can create in order to save money.

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Ask Lawrence Zarian
Lawrence answers your social media questions and gives you some helpful fashion tips. Lawrence suggests adding a pop of color to black to make your outfit ready for spring, a bright blazer or colorful scarf is a quick fix to any bland outfit. Meanwhile, white pants, slacks and jeans will carry into summer so be ready!

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The Importance of Hydration - Home & Family

Matt Iseman on The Importance of Hydration
Matt Iseman MD shares some important information on the importance of hydration. Matt points out that lack of water is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Drinking water also improves metabolism and makes you feel full making it a perfect weight-loss aid. Matt also stresses that women need at least three liters of water a day and men need four. So drink up!

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