Friday, March 13th, 2020

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Kevin McGarry & Chris McNally Interview - Home & Family

Kevin McGarry & Chris McNally - When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart” stars Kevin McGarry & Chris McNally play Nathan and Lucas, two suitors vying for the same woman’s heart. Last season Hearties were left to decide who they thought would be the best choice for Elizabeth. In this Sunday’s episode they appear to put their feels aside to work together but for how long?

Watch an all-new episode of “When Calls the Heart” Sunday, March 15th at 8pm/7c on Hallmark Channel.

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Nancie McDermott – Lemon Angel Pie
It is National Pie Day and cookbook author Nancie McDermott literally wrote the book on creating truly amazing pies. She joins Cameron in the kitchen to make her Lemon Angel Pie from her book, “Southern Pies.”

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Earth Tones
Lawrence Zarian shows how earth tones when styled correctly go from drab to fab. Earth tones are timeless and is one of the easiest hues to complement your wardrobe and skin tone.

Fun fact: Historically, most fabrics were dyed with materials that were easy to acquire such as dirt, grass, or clay.


• The earth tone color palette is vast, so there are plenty of opportunities for mixing and matching.

• Earth shades create the most timeless of all color schemes, as they are all drawn from nature itself.

• Earth tone colors are olive, charcoal, brick, brown, tan, leaf green, etc.

• With earth tone fashion trending year-round, you can find all sorts of styles to incorporate into your outfits for any season! #seasonlessdressing

LOOK 1: Deirdre (Camel, Tan, Sand)

• Calvin Klein Sand Linen Belted Blazed

• Calvin Klein Sleeveless Top with Embellished Earth Tone Details

• Calvin Klein Camel Belted Straight Leg Pant

TIP: Creating looks, building off of the same color family such as tan, camel and sand makes dressing easier. Plus, earth tones complement one another.

LOOK 2: Isabel (Charcoal)

• Free People Charcoal Overalls

• Free People Charcoal Under the Sun T Shirt

TIP: Have some fun with your more casual pieces and accessorize with to perfection. Take your jumpsuit from daytime to cocktail time with the girls just by adding a pair of your favorite pumps, stacked metallic bracelets and some oversized earrings.

LOOK 3: Rose (Olive Green)

• Calvin Klein Olive Green Trench Cardigan

• Calvin Klein White/Olive Pleated Neck Blouse

• Calvin Klein Olive Belted Ruffle Hem Skirt

TIP: Add natural accessories to your earth tones such as this woven bag. It “grounds” your look and add just an added layer of natural textures.

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DIY Garden Flower Magnets
Shirley Bovshow shows how a flower a day can keep the blues away with her DIY Garden Flower Magnets. Shirley transports flower bouquets to a place we’ll see it often – the refrigerator.

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Kimberly Irvine - Stronger
Being your own best advocate for your health is a message Kimberly Irvine wants us all to hear loud and clear. The author of “Stronger,” shares the important story of surviving Breast Cancer and how it helped her realize she was her own best advocate. Cameron knows this all too well from his own health journey.

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Pet Adoption
Spud is an adorable American bulldog mix. He has tons of puppy energy but also loves being a couch potato. He is house and crate trained.

Find out how to adopt Spud at

Elvis is the pup of all pups. He is a Chinese Crested dog with the best hair you’ll ever see. He loves kids, cats and other dogs.

Find out how to adopt Elvis at

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Serena Wolf - Bolognese-Stuffed Peppers - Home & Family

Serena Wolf – Bolognese-Stuffed Peppers
Serena Wolf has made a career out of transforming dude food into bright and vibrant recipes for the whole family. She joins Debbie in the kitchen to make Bolognese-Stuffed Peppers, a mashup of two classic comfort foods.

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Bob Gunia & Tips for Productive Insurance Calls - Home & Family

Bob Gunia
Our friend, Bob Gunia, Vice President, Physicians Mutual, shares insider tips on how to avoid some of the most common and frustrating moments when dealing with insurance calls. Bob says to prevent challenging calls get familiar with your life insurance policy and Medicare coverage. Having a health advocate is also key.

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DIY Bolo Ties and Bandanas
When Hope Calls” is in full swing on Hallmark Channel giving a close look at the unique style of the 19th Century Wild West. Ken Wingard helps us bring western wear to the 20th Century with DIY Bolo Ties and Bandanas.

Watch “When Hope Calls” Sunday Nights at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Theodore Leaf – Deviled Eggs
Lifestyle expert Theodore Leaf takes a Traditional Southern appetizer and customizes it into a French delight. He makes delicious Deviled Eggs with a French twist.

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Viewer Mail
The family loves getting your questions just as they love getting your cards. Ken, Lawrence and Shirley answer your questions from how to use a gingerbread house for an Easter themed craft and the fashion rules for wearing more than one necklace at once to ideas for a fun make and take plant projects.

How to Layer Necklaces

  • Combine different chain lengths, so that each one is visible

  • Combine different styles

  • Play with contrasting metals

  • If you have a favorite charm, wear it close to your heart on the longest chain

Get the full instructions for Ken’s DIY Gingerbread Bunny Hutch >>

Get the full instructions for Shirley’s DIY Seed Tape >>