Friday, June 30th, 2017

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Chocolate Chip Pound Cake - Home & Family

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

Singer and television personality Lance Bass talks about his childhood growing up in Mississippi and learning a passion for cooking. Today he is making his grandmother’s recipe for chocolate chip pound cake, where he divulges her secret to keeping the cake moist by adding chocolate pudding. Lance reveals that he even cooked meals for his NSYNC band members when they were on the road.

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Out of This World Products - Home & Family

Out of this World Products

Kym Douglas is bringing you some fantastic products to check out, including an 3D Star Theatre and Evertone Sauna Suite.

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DIY Beach Towel Poncho - Home & Family

DIY Beach Towel Poncho

Orly Shani is showing you how easy it is to turn an ordinary beach towel into a fashionable poncho. If you don’t have a beach towel, you can always use a french terry cloth. Also if you don’t have a sewing machine for this DIY, you can always use bias tape for a clean neckline finish.

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Pierson Fode

Actor Pierson Fode sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his role on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He jokes that he has to stay in shape since taking off his shirt is part of the job. When he is not acting, Pierson enjoys cliff-diving.

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Poor Man's Carbonara Linguini - Home & Family

Poor Man's Carbonara Linguine

Chef Fabio Viviani is in the kitchen preparing a delicious carbonara linguine with guanciale, which is similar to bacon only cured longer and with a higher fat content. If you cannot find guanciale, you can always use pancetta. When you are done, the pasta should be creamy, but not too thick.

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Botanicals for Christmas Decor - Home & Family

Botanicals for Christmas Decor

Shirley Bovshow gets you ready for Christmas by introducing you to what botanical you can start collection now for decorations. This includes pinecones, which you can spray with sealant, just make sure you give each pinecone a vinegar bath to rid them of pesky insects.

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DIY Kids' Water Table - Home & Family

Wedding Makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Navarro is showing you the latest in makeup techniques for your wedding. She covers natural boho bride and summer sultry looks.

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DIY Kids’ Water Table

Kristin Smith is making a kids’ water table that will be perfect for summertime. She points out that not only will this keep your kids active, it will also help them develop their sensory learning and development and the total cost is only $20.

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Wall Anchors

Mark is giving you the perfect DIY for those looking to update their wall decorations, wall anchors. Before getting started, locate the studs in your wall where you will hang the wall anchors.