Dash Mihok Interview

Actor Dash Mihok sits down with Mark and & Cristina to talk about his hit Showtime drama, “Ray Donovan.” Aside from playing such a multi-layered character on the series, Dash is also the National Ambassador for the Tourette’s Syndrome Association, something he has lived with his whole life. Dash credits having Tourette’s for getting him into acting, because he acted his whole life, trying to fit in growing-up.
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Turning a Bed into a Bench - Home & Family

Turning a Bed Into a Bench

Facebook viewer Ada Nugent reaches out to Ken to find out how she can turn a bed into a bench. Her son was tragically killed in an accident at 17 and she wants to find a way to always remember him, by creating a memory bench, using the wood from his childhood bed. Ken helps her out with a beautiful DIY. Ken also makes Ada a plaque with her son’s name to add to her bench.

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Cristina Ferrare Bakes! - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina in the kitchen baking a recipe right out of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Cookbook, Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! The recipe is pretty simple to follow and the final result is a huge hit with the Home & Family crowd!

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Justin Fichelson Interview

Luxury Realtor and star of “Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco” Justin Fichelson talks to Mark and Cristina about the San Francisco “tech rush” and how there are so many multi-million dollar listings in the Bay Area now.  The market is very competitive and Justin says his advantage is he builds personal relationships in the city and he is on the board for a lot of charities. It is all about networking. In the end, Justin is passionate about real estate.  He says when looking for real estate, make sure your realtor knows the neighborhood and inside and out!

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DIY Embellished Sunglasses - Home & Family

DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Tanya Memme is here to talk about the latest trend, embellished sunglasses. All you really need are sunglasses, embellishments and glue! Tanya keeps her DIY project on the inexpensive side, costing between $10-$15. She encourages everybody have fun with the design and colors!

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John Wayne's Tennessee T- Bone Steak with Whiskey Butter - Home & Family

Ethan and Marisa Wayne Interview

The son and daughter of legendary actor John Wayne, Ethan and Marisa, visit Home & Family and open up about their childhood and memories of their movie star father. The two share stories of visiting their dad’s boat in Newport Beach and trips to the local candy store. The two idolized their father. They also traveled with their dad, visiting places like Durango, Mexico, where the actor filmed a lot of his movies. After, Ethan and Marisa go outside to grill up their father’s recipe of Tennessee T-Bone with Whiskey Butter out of the cookbook, “The Official John Wayne Way to Grill.”

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The Melt Method

Author of the self-treatment book, “The Melt Method,” Sue Hitzmann discusses how to eliminate chronic pain. She points out that tilting your head, keeping your posture in check and opening and closing your knees can help are just some of the things you can do to help with chronic pain.

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Fashion Must-Haves - Home & Family

Fashion Must-Haves

Lawrence Zarian is back and letting you know what is trending right now in fashion for men. Currently, personality, color and accessories are in. Graphic t-shirts are also all the rage. Lawrence announces the 70’s are back, including pooka shells. Don’t forget, scarves are also on trend and it adds an element of rock star glam.

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