“2 Broke Girls” star Matthew Moy
Actor Matthew Moy returns to chat about the fourth season of his breakout comedy, “2 Broke Girls.” Matthew talks about the cast Christmas gift exchange and about has massive new social media following. Matthew also shows off his plushy pet Haley, an adorable 10-year old chinchilla.

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in a Waffle Maker
Lifestyle expert extraordinaire Kym Douglas shows how you can get 3 meals from a common kitchen gadget. Donning her chef’s hat, Kym shows how to make scrambled eggs, pizza, and a cheeseburger using your waffle iron. Kym’s recipes are perfect for the novice chef and are a great way to make amazing new meal choices.

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Mark's Tips on Being More Photogenic
Mark gathers the family to share more great photography tips! In this segment Mark shows how to give a normal photo a professional upgrade. From bringing out your eyes to hitting the perfect pose, Marks tips will help anyone avoid taking awkward pictures.

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Actor Lorenzo Lamas
Actor and author Lorenzo Lamas joins Mark and Cristina to chat about his new book, “Renegade at Heart.” Lorenzo’s book pays homage to his father who passed away when Lorenzo was 24. Lorenzo also chats about his upcoming appearance on the “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Lorenzo’s Book, “Renegade at Heart,” is available on Amazon.

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How to Make an Emergency Daddy Diaper Took Kit
Matt Rogers shows how to make a manly alternative to the traditional diaper bag. A father of 3, Matt is more than familiar with diaper emergencies. Today Matt shows how guys can tackle diaper emergencies in style with his “Daddy’s Heavy Duty Diaper Duty Tool Box!”

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Chef Meg Hall’s Creamy Goat Cheese, Cherry, And Lemon Zest Polenta
Celebrity chef Meg Hall shares a delicious and healthy comfort food recipe. Meg’s dishes have been featured at some of Hollywood’s premiere events, including the wedding of “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco. Today Meg shows how to make a creamy goat cheese, cherry, and lemon zest polenta. This dish is will warm you up in the cold weather while helping you to avoid packing on the pounds.

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Tanya Memme’s DIY Goldfish Soap
Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme shares an adorable way to keep your kids fresh and clean. Today Tanya shows how to make hand soap that resembles a goldfish bowl. Not only is this craft easy to make, it’s a great tool to help fight cold and flu bugs.

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Raising Money Smart Children
“The Money Couple,” Scott and Bethany Palmer, share tips on raising money smart kids. Money problems rate as the #1 cause of divorce and Scott and Bethany, who come from the financial planning industry, have seen it happen to many of their clients. Today Scott and Bethany discuss how innate “money personalities” dictate your spending habits. They then explain how understanding these traits will help you talk to your children about money.

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Saving Face this Winter
Dr. Justin Plasecki dispels some common misconceptions about the effects of cold weather on your skin. From shower tips to the effects of your heating system, Dr. Justin Plasecki explains what everyone can do to keep their skin healthy during the winter.

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Staying Green in the Laundry Room with Sophie Uliano
Natural lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano shares some all-natural laundry tips. From homemade detergent to simple washing machine cleaners, Sophie’s tips are not only environmentally friendly, but are a great way to save money!

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