Daniel Lissing Interview - Home & Family

Daniel Lissing Interview

The one and only Daniel Lissing sits down to talk about this season of his Hallmark Channel Original Series, “When Calls the Heart.” Hearties everywhere will be happy because Daniel opens up about the chemistry he shares with actress Erin Krakow. This season is extra-fun because Brooke Shields joins the cast, playing Jack’s mother. Daniel just celebrated becoming an uncle for the first time and recently surprised his sister in Sydney, where he met his niece.

Braised Short Ribs - Home & Family

Chef Ted Hopson Cooks

Co-owner of “The Bellwether” restaurant, Ted Hopson is in the kitchen whipping up Braised Short Ribs with Mongolian Sauce. This dish gets Mark’s attention because it features bacon - one of Mark’s favorite ingredients. Ted says that short ribs are such a great cut that you can’t go wrong preparing them. He recommends getting a thick cut on the ribs with the bone off, making it best for braising.

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DIY Peek-A-Boo Litter Box

Ken Wingard has a great DIY for all cat owners! Using supplies you can find at your local pet store and hardware store, he shows you how to make your own peek-a-boo litter box. Using Ken’s instructions, you can use whatever size litter box that you want. This DIY also serves as a place to keep your litter and scooper, too.

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“The Amazing Race” Interview

Contestants Matt Steffanina and Dana Alexa from “The Amazing Race” visit Home & Family to talk about their adventures from the show. The two had auditioned for the competitive series four times before being selected for this season. The dancing duo also open up about what it was like winning the first leg of the show by solving the puzzle challenge. After the interview, the two demonstrate some of their dance moves for the audience.

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Slumber Party Hacks

Kym Douglas has some helpful hacks for you to try at your next slumber party. From making pancake poppers to pepperoni pizza rolls, Kym has you covered when it comes to snacks to serve at your next sleepover!

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DIY Handbag Guitar Straps - Home & Family

DIY Handbag Guitar Straps

Orly Shani explains that the trendiest look right now are handbag guitar straps, and she demonstrates the steps to make your very own. The first thing you need is a belt, which she found at a second-hand store for only five dollars. She encourages you to get as creative as you want with this DIY and bought all her embellishments at her local fabric store.

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Corbin Bensen Interview

The actor opens up to Mark and Cristina about his new film, “God’s Club,” which is available March 1st on DVD and Digital HD. He brings a clip from the movie, which is a scene featuring his character and Stephen Baldwin for Home & Family to enjoy. In real life, Corbin has always had Hollywood in his blood, his father being the late film producer Harry Bensen and his late mother, Jeanne Cooper who played Katherine Chancellor on “The Young & The Restless” for 40 years. Corbin even acted with his mom on the soap opera.

Kids Who Need Glasses - Home & Family

Kids Who Needs Glasses

Dr. JJ breaks down what signs you need to look for when it comes to your child needing glasses. She says to look to see if your baby has a lack of visual responsiveness and if they squint their eyes to try to see more clearly. If your toddler is coloring and exceptionally close to the paper, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Count on regular check-ups with your primary health care provider as the key to detecting if your child needs glasses.

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Portion Distortion Awareness - Home & Family

Portion Distortion Awareness

Sophie Uliano explains why portion distortion is important, especially since 61% of Americans are classified as overweight. She points out that restaurants serve portions that are three times the size of what is considered healthy. She encourages you to use your hand to practice portion control, since that can help with your measurements.

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Big Bold Houseplants

Shirley Bovshow explains that big bold houseplants are great for privacy screenings in your house. She introduces you to a variety of plants you can look into for this reason. Larger plants also require less repotting and watering and also live longer. Finally, she offers up the tip to use banana peels to help shine your leaves naturally.

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