Friday, February 22nd, 2019

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Holly Robinson Peete Talks About Season Two of "Meet the Peetes" - Home & Family

Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete stops by Home & Family to talk about the upcoming second season premiere of her Hallmark Channel Original Show “Meet the Peetes,” which you catch on Sunday, February 24 at 9pm/8c. She explains that there is a lot going on with the family in the new season, including a road trip in an RV! She also shares more serious topics that the show will tackle this season, including meeting with a financial advisor and preparing their children for the future when she and Rodney are gone.

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"When Calls the Heart" Premiere Party - Home & Family

“When Calls the Heart” Premiere Party

Maria Provenzano is showing you how to throw the ultimate “Heartie” party with these fun DIYs you can make at home. Today she is making a DIY popcorn bucket in the shape of a wagon and DIY popcorn cones. For the cones, she uses craft paper because it is easy to work with. Wrapping doilies around the cones to give them a more vintage look. She adds wax paper inside the cones to keep the popcorn butter from leaking through.

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The 6th season of When Calls the Heart premieres Sunday, February 24 at 8pm/7c. Watch the latest previews and on location interviews today!

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Kavan Smith and Autumn Reeser - Home & Family

Homemade Pasta Carbonara

Actor Kavan Smith is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering Italian dish with homemade sauce. After he is done cooking his delicious recipe, Kavan joins Autumn Reeser for an interview with Cameron and Debbie. The two discuss the premiere of their Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love on the Menu,” which you can watch Saturday, February 23rd at 8/7c.

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Heavenly Hellebores

Shirley Bovshow is introducing you to hellebores and explaining how you can care for them at home. She does caution you that these flowers are toxic to people and animals and you must use gloves when handling. You can grow these flowers in any temperatures because they thrive in both cold and hot weather. They also need shade, water and alkaline soil to survive.

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Raspberry Cream Cheese Pinwheel Pastries

Kelly Senyei of “Just a Taste,” is in the kitchen making a sweet treat of raspberry cream cheese pinwheel pastries. For the dough, she uses store-bought puff pastry. If you don’t have raspberry jam, you can use strawberry jam, instead.

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Make-Up Sponges 101

Kym Douglas is here to show you some easy to absorb tips about caring for your make-up sponges. She explains that sponges are the game changers in your beauty arsenal, but most people don’t know how to properly use them. When it comes to cleaning your sponges, make sure to use distilled water and gently squeeze the water out and roll it out over a dry towel.

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Bacon Lava Cake

Scott Slater of “Slater’s 50/50” is in the kitchen making a sweet and savory dessert of bacon lava cake. He describes the dessert as a sensory overload for your tastebuds. When it comes to chocolate, he uses melted bittersweet bars. The bacon should be thick-cut for the best flavor. When the cake is done baking, he adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the finishing touch.

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DIY Sheet Music Candles - Home & Family

DIY Sheet Music Candles

Ken Wingard is updating an ordinary candle by adding sheet music around it. He emphasizes that you have to make sure to tape tissue paper onto the printing paper for this to work. He uses the heat gun to attach the sheet music to the candle. If you do not have a heat gun, you can always use a hair dryer set at a high temperature level. Any shape of candle will work for this DIY.

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Adoption Ever After

NAME: Tinsley-Dog
LOCATION: Park City, Utah
RESCUE: Nuzzles & Co

NAME: DOG - Joanie Mitchell
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
RESCUE: Paws of LA Rescue