Cassie's Look

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Patterned Robe

Cassie wore this beautiful black and red patterned robe at Grey House the morning after meeting Sam for the first time.

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Blue Wrap Coat

Cassie wore this deep midnight blue coat when visiting Sam at his new office.

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Textured Purple Coat

Cassie wore this textured purple coat when attending Jake's dedication service.

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Blue Coat with Black Flowers

Cassie wore this warm blue coat with black flowers outside of Grey House.

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Navy Keyhole Blouse

Cassie wore this navy blouse with keyhole neckline at Bell, Book and Candle.

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Gray Sparkle Blouse

Cassie wore this shimmering gray top when welcoming Ashley and her grandfather back to Grey House.

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Black Embellished Sweater

Cassie wore this black, short sleeved embellished sweater when having dinner with Ryan.

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Black Patterned Blazer

Cassie wore this black, patterned blazer and royal blue blouse at the Bistro cafe.

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Black Down Coat

Cassie wore this long, black down coat on several cold days in Middleton!

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Silver Sweater

Cassie wore this silver sweater during the storm in Middleton.

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White Sweater

Cassie wore this white sweater during Martha's press conference.

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Teal Blazer

Cassie wore this teal blue blazer one morning at the Bistro Cafe.

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Ruby Down Coat

Cassie wore this rich ruby colored down coat when she met up with Brandon one morning.