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Find out more about the best of Hallmark Channel's fall movies!

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The Fall Into Love event on Hallmark Channel features your favorite romantic comedies with stars like Rachel Boston, Tyler Hynes, Taylor Cole and many more! Check out the list and watch previews, view photo galleries, and more.

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Why You Should Watch: Love in the high-profile fashion magazine world between a "Prince of Publishing" and a plus-size fashion designer make this the perfect fall rom-com!

Ella's unique designs inspire publishing mogul Derek to include plus-sized fashion in his magazine. Soon, Derek begins to realize that Ella's influence reaches far beyond the catwalk. Stars Jaicy Elliot, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Candice Huffine.

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Why You Should Watch: Multiple generations of Delaney women navigate the highs and lows of dating, from the awkward to the sweet and everything in between!

Three generations of Delaney women explore the highs and lows of modern-day dating, learning that love and romance can be found at any age…and sometimes where you least expect it. Starring Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell.

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When Angie moves into her "no pets allowed" building, a parrot arrives unexpectedly. New neighbor Ted and the dog he's secretly sitting try to help her find the bird's owner without being caught. Starring Natalie Hall and Peter Mooney.

Fly Away with Me

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Why You Should Watch: If you've ever wanted a do-over for the last 15 years, you might just find Maggie's journey an interesting one!

Workaholic lawyer Maggie is having marriage issues. She wishes for a do-over and awakens 15 years in the past. Will Maggie choose college boyfriend Rick or will she stay with husband Josh? Starring Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash and Marshall Williams.

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Why You Should Watch: You might just discover the magic that fall in The Big Apple can bring through Piper's journey to find her true calling!

Optimistic Piper gives herself two months to find her passion in New York City. As she bounces between temp jobs, she and her jaded neighbor discover the beauty of the city together. Starring Aimeé Teegarden and Evan Roderick.

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Aspiring Master Sommelier Jenna returns to her family vineyard to study and is intrigued by the natural methods of the handsome new, Argentinian winemaker, Marcelo. Starring Laura Osnes, Juan Pablo Di Pace and Jennifer Huether.

Raise a Glass to Love

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Why You Should Watch: Follow along as novelist Amy finds a bit more than she bargained for — and just about everything pumpkin that you could imagine — back in her hometown.

Amy, an up-and-coming novelist, returns to her hometown to look after her stubborn grandfather Tom and his pumpkin-themed store while confronting an old flame from her past. Starring Taylor Cole, Michael Ironside and Corey Sevier.

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Based on the Hallmark Publishing novel by New York Times Bestselling Author Caridad Pineiro comes a story about rival quinceañeras, glorious Cuban cooking, friendship, family ties- and romance. Starring William Levy and Taylor Cole.

South Beach Love

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Why You Should Watch: Country singer extraordinaire - Lauren Alaina - stars as Callie, alongside a Hallmark Channel favorite, Tyler Hynes!

Country music fan Callie is determined to continue her late grandfather's legacy. While TV director Luke is in town, he teaches her that sometimes it's best to look forward instead of back. Stars Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes.

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Why You Should Watch: Sam intends to write about her love of horses and riding, but being back at her family's ranch shows her a lot about the past that she couldn't quite see before.

A writer — Sam — goes back to the family ranch to write an article about her passion for horses, and in the process, discovers what ended her marriage and why she stopped riding horses. Stars Nikki DeLoach, Scott Porter, Corbin Bernsen and Janine Turner.

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While planning a fundraising event, a small New England town’s radio station manager meets her match in a visiting businessman who can’t seem to see beyond the screen of his laptop computer, until she ropes him into participating in her bachelor bake-off to help save the station. Starring Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes.

Falling for You

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Why You Should Watch: When Sarah plans the wedding of the season, she returns home and falls in love herself.
Sarah Bloom, an up and coming wedding planner in New York, is hired to plan the most anticipated wedding of the season. However, she learns the bride is from Sarah’s home town of Williamstown, Massachusetts, and wants her wedding on the family farm, which is now being run by the bride’s older brother – who is also Sarah’s first love. Starring Jill Wagner and Victor Webster.
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Why You Should Watch: The scene when Annie and Ben toast to their divorce is a can’t miss complete with champagne, a beautiful city night skyline and a what if? kiss…

With big plans to leave their small Iowan town, teenage loves Annie and Ben elope. Their big city plans are halted, though, when Annie’s parents have the marriage annulled, and Annie stays behind in Iowa to help her family. Fifteen years later, when Annie is engaged in Iowa and Ben is engaged in New York, they discover that their annulment was never finalized. Annie and Ben reunite to make their divorce legal, but find themselves reminiscing about what could have been if they had stayed together. As romantic feelings resurface, Annie and Ben must decide if their past love could also be their destined future. Starring Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield.

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When Jo realizes that her family's general store in Daisy Hills is losing money, her father Duke calls in a favor to help. Duke's help is Jo's ex-boyfriend, Blake, former Daisy Hills native. Starring Cindy Busby and Marshall Williams.

Follow Me to Daisy Hills

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Why You Should Watch: Rivals coming together! The grudge between Faye and Lydia has deep roots but, when the businesses they’ve work so hard to create are threatened, they put aside their differences and come together for the betterment of everyone.

Competing bakery owners, Faye McKenzie and Lydia Harper have been feuding for years with the Drum County Harvest Festival’s annual pumpkin pie bake-off at the center of it all. The winner not only gets bragging rights and a trophy, but a substantial boost to her business, as well. This year, however, the women are passing the torch to their respective children, Casey and Sam, and when romantic sparks fly between them, this bake-off promises to be one to remember. Starring Julie Gonzalo and Sam Eric Aragon.

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Why You Should Watch: Will reminds Luna that sometimes all you need is family, a pear tree, and harvest love.

A widowed surgeon visits her family’s pear orchard in hopes of taking a break from her overbooked life and reconnecting with her distant son. She starts to fall for the farm manager, Will, who is growing a new hybrid pear and teaches her the importance of her heritage. Starring Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey.

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When Claire goes home to save her dad's annual Fall Fest on her family's pumpkin farm, sparks fly with an old rival – the opposing lawyer she now faces in court. Starring Erin Cahill and Trevor Donovan.

Love, Fall & Order

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Why You Should Watch: While the relationship between Frankie and Nate will capture your heart, it’s Mittens the Llama who really steals the show!

When Frankie Baldwin and Nate Deluca both have a claim to ownership of Sorrento Farm, they are forced to divide the vineyard right down the middle and work the fields alongside each other to bring in the harvest leading up to the Best Wine competition at the annual Autumn Harvest Festival -- only this rivalry won't be settled in the fields, because in spite of their contentious bickering, the simplest way to settle this particular legal dispute is with a romance. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny.

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When an ambitious executive convinces her boss that a picturesque ranch would be perfect for their company retreats, he agrees to let her check it out. However, her plan hits a snag when the owner, a charming cowboy, refuses to sell unless she can promise to preserve its history. He convinces her to stay and experience the magic of the ranch, but when her boss shows up with other plans in mind, will she have to make a choice between love or ambition? Starring Lindy Booth and Wes Brown.

Under the Autumn Moon

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Why You Should Watch: Get out the tissues when Poppy explains to Zoe how you know when you have really met the special one…

Poppy is hired around Halloween as a temporary nanny by Ryan, a widowed, work-obsessed executive. Through a series of adventures, the eternally optimistic Poppy sets out to teach Ryan and his two young children what is important in life--unconditional love, family and the joy of everyday occurrences. Starring Ashley Williams and Sam Jaeger.

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Aunt Dee splits her candy shop between her niece, Maggie, and maple farmer, Dex. Following letters Dee left, the two uncover the reason for her decision, during the Sweet Autumn festival. Starring Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker.

Sweet Autumn