5 Reasons to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies This Weekend!

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Weekend of November 12th, 2021

#1 - A mystery, jamboree and one night only performance!

Get ready for a memory-making weekend of all-new Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

#2 – A New Mystery to Solve

It’s no secret Alison Sweeney loves a good mystery as the star of “Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery.” In “Open By Christmas,” Alison plays, Nicky, who is trying to figure out who sent her a Christmas card with a love note over 20 years ago. Brennan Elliott also stars in the movie and loves the mysterious and beautiful moments that play out as Nicky wonders if the person who sent the card may be right in front of her. You’ll have to watch the premiere of “Open By Christmas” to see if Nicky can solve this mystery before Christmas.

"Open By Christmas" Premieres FRI NOV 12 8/7c

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#3 - Re-discover the importance of Family

In “My Christmas Family Tree,” Aimee Teegarden stars as Vanessa, who discovers the importance of spending Christmas with family. After a DNA test reveals the identity of her biological father, Richard (played by James Tupper), he insists Vanessa spend the holidays with him. Vanessa reluctantly agrees and a friend of the family, Kris, played by Andrew Walker, gives her a ride and tips to navigate her newfound family unit. Just as Vanessa finds herself getting close to her family and Kris, she receives news that could jeopardize it all.

"My Christmas Family Tree" Premieres SAT NOV 13 8/7c

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#4 – Watch a Community Come Together for Christmas

In “A Holiday in Harlem,” Olivia Washington plays corporate fixer and executive jetsetter Jazmin. During a quick trip home to Harlem, Jazmin visits her grandmother Mama Belle, played by Tina Lifford. However, Jazmin finds her fixer skills coming into play when Mama Belle is injured and cannot chair the annual Christmas Jamboree. Jazmin must co-chair the event with her childhood best friend, Caleb. What Jazmin expects to be a quick fix turns out to be an education in the importance of community, especially during Christmas. Working together to help the community may help bring Jazmin and Caleb together as more than just friends.

"A Holiday in Harlem" Premieres SUN NOV 14 8/7c

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#5 – A Rock duo gets a Christmas Do-over

Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher play music sensations Bedford and Sullivan in “One December Night,” the namesake of the duo’s hit song. Years after a bitter split, their children, Quinn and Jason – played by Eloise Mumford and Brett Dalton, work to bring them together for the ultimate Christmas do-over. It's an opportunity to share the stage once again and perform their hit “One December Night.”

"One December Night" Premieres SAT NOV 13 10/9c

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Weekend of November 5th, 2021

#1 - Experience the true meaning of the holidays through time travel, gingerbread, music & miracles!

Enjoy the whimsy of Christmas spirit, dreams and romance with these Hallmark Channel Christmas movie premieres exploring love, hope, and time travel.

#2 - Fast & Funny Banter Between “Friends”

Gingerbread Miracle” is a festive and heartfelt Christmas movie centered around the sale of a family-owned Mexican bakery known for is magical gingerbread cookies. The owner’s nephew Alex, played by Jon Ecker, finds himself locked in fast and funny banter with friend Maya, played by Merritt Patterson. They are quick to remind everyone they are not a couple but maybe they are really just trying to convince themselves.

“Gingerbread Miracle” Premieres FRI NOV 5 8/7c

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#3 - A “Back to the Future” Reunion

When Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) falls asleep during a train ride she wakes up to find she has travelled back in time 10 years. Christopher Lloyd plays the train conductor and can relate to Angie’s story as he has been in a similar situation himself. The movie reunites Lloyd with “Back to the Future” co-star Lea Thompson. Who better to appear in a Hallmark Christmas movie about time travel? The movie follows Angie as she seeks to fix her past to find true love when she travels back to the future.

“Next Stop, Christmas” Premieres SAT NOV 6 8/7c

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#4 - Jordin Sparks Inspires Us to Follow Our Dreams

Jordin Sparks is a Hallmark Christmas movie fan and now she is a part of one: “A Christmas Treasure.” She plays Lou, a bright, fun, witty woman who wants to go after her dreams. As she starts on her journey she butts heads with a handsome waiter, Kyle, played by Michael Xavier. Lou and Kyle are not afraid to speak their minds with one another and as they seek their dreams, it becomes clear love may seek them first. You can also watch Jordin sing “This Christmas,” one of our holiday favorites featured in the movie.

“A Christmas Treasure” Premieres SUN NOV 7 8/7c

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#5 - Get Ready for a Christmas Mrs. Miracle


Experience a holiday of heavenly proportions as a Christmas miracle comes to life in “Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas.” Caroline Rhea plays Mrs. Miracle, who is sent to help make the life of a grieving family easier.


Laurel (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Will (Steve Lund) are excited to start experiencing life’s joys again with the optimism and magic Mrs. Miracle brings to their home.

“Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas” Premieres SAT NOV 6 10/9c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

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Weekend of October 29th, 2021

#1 - The legendary Loretta Devine joins the Hallmark family!

Christmas in Harmony” is a love story about Harmony, played by Ashleigh Murray, who gives up her dreams for others and rediscovers them by coming home for Christmas. While home, Harmony must work with her ex Kyle, played by the multi-talented Luke James, to lead a Gospel choir. The legendary Loretta Devine plays Mama, bringing warmth to “Christmas in Harmony” and our hearts. Michelle Williams’ performance along with the rest of the cast will have you making a Joyful noise this weekend. Be sure to watch "Christmas in Harmony" on Hallmark Channel. You can also watch Loretta Devine in "Comeback Dad" on Hallmark Movies Now.

“Christmas in Harmony” Premieres FRI OCT 29 8/7c

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#2 - Watching Ryan Paevey play a dad will melt your heart.

Janel Parrish sums up her new Hallmark Channel original “Coyote Creek Christmas” best stating it is a heartfelt, romantic and fun Christmas movie. Her character Paige is charged with planning an annual celebration that shows how different cultures celebrate Christmas around the world. Ryan Paevey plays a dad named Dylan who learns a lot from Paige and her process. Watching Ryan play a dad in the movie is a definite - and adorable - bonus.

“Coyote Creek Christmas” Premieres SAT OCT 30 8/7c

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#3 - Katee Sackhoff takes a break from fighting the empire to find Christmas spirit.

Katee Sackhoff stars in “Christmas Sail” as Liz Darling. She takes a break from her role on “The Mandalorian” fighting the Empire to find Christmas spirit. The movie centers around Liz’s reunion with her father Dennis, played by Terry O'Quinn, amidst preparations for the Christmas Boat Parade. The parade is a Christmas tradition near and dear to Katee’s heart in real-life. What is also real is the connection her character Liz forges with Luke, played by Patrick Sabongui.

“Christmas Sail” Premieres SUN OCT 31 8/7c

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#4 - Learn how to find love again.

The Christmas Promise” follows Nicole, played by Torrey Devitto, a knitter who loves big and takes a journey to discover how to recover from losing the love of her life. Pops, played by Patrick Duffy, seeks to help Nicole realize love is never lost. His point becomes clear as Nicole grows close to the handsome Joe, played by Dylan Bruce.

“The Christmas Promise” Premieres SAT OCT 30 10/9c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

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#5 - Watch this weekend because you may be on TV!

We asked Hallmark fans to share their joyful voices with us and you did! “Christmas in Harmony” features beautiful voices coming together to celebrate Christmas. We are celebrating fan voices by featuring some of your performances during the movie's premiere on FRI OCT 29 8/7c. Be sure to watch to find out!

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Weekend of October 22nd, 2021

#1 - All-new Christmas Movies Every FRI, SAT & SUN

We are giving out Christmas treats in the form of all-new premieres featuring Hallmark Stars Danica McKellar, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Luke Macfarlane and more! Get your candy corn, peppermints, and popcorn ready for three nights of all-new Christmas movies.

Settle in for a double feature this Saturday with the premiere of “Boyfriends of Christmas Past” on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c and “Christmas in My Heart” at 10/9c on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

#2 - The Best Christmas Tree Puns!


Danica McKellar plays evergreen expert Olivia in “You, Me & the Christmas Trees” and the movie goes out on a limb with Christmas tree puns. Olivia gets stumped at times while trying to save the trees. The movie includes a "sappy" reunion of Danica with her co-star Jason Hervey from “The Wonder Years”.

“You, Me & The Christmas Trees” Premieres FRI OCT 22 8/7c

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#3 - Hauntingly Handsome Christmas Ghosts


You are about to meet one of your new favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, you just don't know it yet. “Boyfriends of Christmas Past” puts a fun twist on a Christmas classic that will touch your heart. Everyone will be able to relate and see themselves in Catherine Haena Kim’s portrayal of Lauren who is looking for love with some Christmas dating advice from past ex-boyfriends. You will also be shook by the hauntingly handsome Raymond Ablack who plays Nate.

“Boyfriends of Christmas Past” Premieres SAT OCT 23 8/7c

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#4 - A Jolly Christmas Caper


Tamera Mowry-Housley and Paul Campbell take Christmas capers to a jolly new level. Tamera stars as rookie detective Tanya and Paul plays Ryan, a grinchy veteran of the force. Together they set out to prove a local Santa, played perfectly by Joe Pantoliano, deserves to be on the naughty list. Watch to find out if Tanya and Ryan catch this sneaky Santa or catch feelings for each other.

"The Santa Stakeout" Premieres SUN OCT 24 8/7c

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#5 - Christmas & Luke Macfarlane Will Get into Your Heart


Luke Macfarlane plays country music star Sean who is taking a break from the business to raise his daughter. However, Sean finds himself taken by the talent - and beauty - of his daughter’s violin teacher Beth (Heather Hemmens). Watch to find out if the music in their hearts beats to the rhythm of love.

"Christmas in My Heart" Premieres SAT OCT 23 10/9c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

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Check back each week for more reasons to watch all season long.