Renewed for Season 5

Past Episodes

Trace returns to Abby after three months on tour only to discover a family in turmoil; Mick ends the fight over the family trust but begins a feud with Connor.
Nell tries to save the Wish Fountain; Abby discovers a never-opened letter that she sent to Trace; Mick inherits a sailboat and reunites with his brother Thomas; Bree welcomes an old friend back into her life.
Trace's role in Abby's family is questioned; everyone helps out running the B&B; Connor learns the truth about Danielle.
Jess and Bree discover David's parents' secret plans; Abby joins Trace on tour; Thomas's vow renewal sparks Mick and Megan to re-examine their own relationship; Connor reconciles with Kevin.
With Trace still on the road, Abby and Trace find a way to combat the loneliness; with Simon in town, Bree has to define a new normal; Sarah is injured on the job.
While Wes' new practically perfect girlfriend reminds Abby that she might be the only "mom" in Carrie and Caitlyn's life; David and Simon's presence in Chesapeake Shores puts Jess and Bree in an unusual position.
Trace discovers that the general manager of The Bridge stole large sums of money; Abby realizes that she can't be a perfect boss, parent and girlfriend; David Peck's sister arrives, threatening Jess and David's relationship.
Battle lines form after Megan reads Bree's manuscript; Trace and Mick disagree over the future of the Bridge; with Jess's B&B's being devoured from within, it appears that the same might be true with the O'Brien family.
Chaos reigns with the closure of the Bridge; the O'Briens are at war over Bree's manuscript; Kevin is heartbroken visiting Sarah's family in Philadelphia; Trace and Abby's relationship is cast into doubt.
Abby finally has to make a decision whether or not to break up with Trace for good; Bree's relationship with Simon is rocked when Caroline appears; David and Jess have to finally figure out their relationship without the B&B.