All or Nothing At All
Mick and Megan reunite in the thrilling finale. Sarah and Kevin's baby arrives, starting a week of celebration bringing the O'Briens together one last time in Chesapeake Shores.

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Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most
Mick gets closer to the ones he loves while Evan and Luke push themselves away. Mick continues to rebuild his relationship with Megan. Luke recovers from a gunshot after stopping a robbery.

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I Get a Kick Out of You
Secrets are exposed to reveal the past can't be escaped. A DNA test reveals a location for Evan's father. Jess hosts a historical reenactment. A Hollywood star comes to offer Bree a movie deal.

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It's Not For Me to Say
Kevin learns something new while David questions what he thought was true. Bree finds she and Luke share a birthday. Kevin discovers the gender of the baby. David confronts his father.

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Straighten Up and Fly Right
Various issues are troubling the O'Briens. Mick is in denial about his addiction. Margaret passes the bar. Jess pursues a new idea, and Bree tries mending the rift between her and Luke.

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A fortune telling machine shares uncomfortable truths with the O'Brien couples. Mick and Megan struggle with their long-distance relationship, Abby's more comfortable with her new romance.

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That's All There Is to That
Sarah and Kevin come together with exciting news. Connor and Margaret's law firm struggles to make ends meet, and when Mick's pill addiction starts to noticeably affect his life, the O'Briens must rally and stage an intervention.

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Night and Day
One of the O'Briens wrestles with a problem. Abby and Evan participate in a Road Rally, Connor breaks out of the house, Bree helps Luke with nightmares, and Mick and Megan discuss their pasts.

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Memories are Made of This
Abby goes all out to plan the perfect second date. David's family makes a surprise visit to the B&B, and Megan must consider whether to take the job offer at the Getty or help Connor recover.

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The Best is Yet to Come
The O'Brien family comes together in the aftermath of Connor's heart attack. Jess and David deal with media fallout after Dennis Peck goes on the run, and we finally discover who Abby called.

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