Past Episodes

The End is Where We Begin
Bree finishes her play, Kevin mulls proposing to Sarah, Jess and David realize their new B&B might not be right for them. Abby and Mick discover that their careers are at risk as is Abby's new life when Trace gets home from tour.
Leap of Faith
Trace is visited by a legend as Megan plans Kevin's wedding. Jess and David discover their past can't be repaired, Bree is joined by Simon as her play begins rehearsals. Connor and Abby make decisions that affect their careers.
A Sonnet for Caroline
As Jess and David try to buy an inn, love and loss surround the O'Briens. Mick and Megan explore feelings, Kevin and Sarah make a decision that can upend the family. Bree and Connor suspect true love might not last forever.
Breaking Hearts and Playing Parts
The play's in jeopardy, it's Abby and Trace to rescue. David and Jess learn to work together, Bree learns to work alone. Mick and Megan come together while Connor goes it alone. Kevin and Sara return with a surprise announcement.
All the Time in the World
The O'Briens struggle with their parents decision, David and Jess wrestle with scheduling, Abby weighs personal and professional offers. The future looks bright for Bree and Kevin, but dismal for Trace who can't live without Abby.
Watercolors, Wishes, and Weddings
Mick and Megan celebrate their old life, Kevin and Sarah cherish their new one, Jess and David await the start of theirs. With Connor and Bree's careers in flux, Trace and Abby confront their future… and their future together.