3007: It's Just Business

Chesapeake Shores 3007
It’s Just Business

Trace and Abby are participating in a scavenger hunt with Caitlyn and Carrie at the beach. Trace tells Abby that he is afraid she is going to burn herself out by trying to compete with Wes’s girlfriend, Terri. Abby admits that Terri seems to be perfect at parenting, teaching the girls to cook and even speak Italian. Trace reminds Abby that nobody is perfect and it is not worth Abby working late nights in order to keep up with Wes’s girlfriend. Abby tells Trace that he, himself, is in danger of spreading himself thin by playing gigs all over the country and flying back home to Chesapeake Shores every night to be with her and the girls.

David and Jess are discussing ways to keep customers coming to the Inn during the off-season and they sneak in a few kisses in between. They are shocked when a surprised visitor stops by: David’s sister Alexandra.

Trace breaks the news to Mick that one of his accountants screwed up with the numbers and the result is the club taking a big financial blow. Mick is speechless and tells Trace that he remained a silent partner because he trusted Trace with the finances. However he reminds Trace that when it comes to losing money, Mick does not stay so silent.

Meg meets with the mayor’s assistant, Kate, to talk about some ideas about the city. Meg is surprised to hear that the arts council is being folded into another department, meaning Meg will have to give her resignation. She’s even more disappointed to find that the role will be given to Robby Monk, the head of Parks and Rec. He knows nothing about the arts.

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