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Monday, September 28th, 2015

Plantains with Cortaditos - Home & Family

Steven Bauer is in the kitchen whipping up one of his mother's traditional Cuban dishes.

Steve Bauer Interview

With Mark still on vacation, actor Steve Bauer takes over as guest host next to Cristina. Steve talks about his role on “Ray Donovan” and his latest role as a civil rights attorney on “Blue Bloods.” After his interview, Steve goes to the kitchen where he whips up a Cuban dish, Plantains with Cortaditos, inspired by his mother’s recipe.

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Monogram Swaddle Blanket and Headband - Home & Family

Orly Shani is back from maternity leave and has the perfect DIY for a new mom!

Monogram Swaddle Blanket and Headband

After just having a baby, Orly Shani is back to show you how to make a Monogram Swaddle Blanket and Headband. She explains that these act as perfect personalized presents. The retail price of the two items will cost you $15-$45, but when you make it using Orly’s instructions, it will cost you under $10!

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“Just Let Go” Interview

Brenda Vaccaro, Sam Sorbo and Chris Williams sit down with Home & Family to talk about their film, “Just Let Go.” The three are preparing the screening of the film at Fathom Events.

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Do It Yourself Fairy Jars - Home & Family

Tanya Memme has a fun DIY that people of all ages will love!

DIY Fairy Jars

Tanya Memme shows you how to make your own fairy jars using polymer clay. Keep in mind you can use either regular hard clay or puffy soft clay for this imaginative craft.

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Chef Roberta Wilson Bakes! - Home & Family

The owner of Audrey's Cookies is baking White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie in the kitchen!

Chef Roberta Wilson

The owner of Audrey’s Cookies, Roberta Wilson is in the kitchen baking a sweet treat, White Chocolate Cranberry cookies! Roberta’s brother, Grammy-nominated saxophonist, Dave Koz even Skypes in with his sister to chat while she is baking.

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Hearing Health for Dogs

Laura Nativo is joined by veterinarian Dr. Dana Bleifer to talk about hearing loss in pets, which is caused by a loss of blood flow to the tissues. There are also certain medications that can cause hearing loss. When it comes to pets going deaf, some of the signs to look for include blank stares, red eyes, scratching and a sour smell.

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Checking Your Credit Report - Home & Family

Jeanette Pavini has some easy tips for you when it comes to checking your credit report.

Checking Your Credit Report

Jeanette Pavini gives you some helpful tips on how you can check your credit report. She explains that letting your credit score drop can decrease your chances of getting a loan or home insurance. Credit scores rated over 700 usually qualify for credit at a good rate. Remember your credit report should always be free.

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