Tanya Memme has a perfect DIY for kids!


  • am Jar (or any jar)
  • Polymer clay (Hardens when it cooks)
  • Accessories
  • Flameless candle
  • Tools


Do It Yourself Fairy Jars - Home & Family

1) Use regular hard clay and cover the entire sides of the glass jar

2) Then cut out the shape of the door with tools for the clay

3) Then fill in the door shape with another color to create the base of the design -

4) Using your soft clay roll tiny balls (stones/bricks) and place them along the outlines of the door and along the bottom to create the look of building stones

5) Then add flowers/vines/mail box etc.

6) Add texture using tools

7) Bake 275 for 15-20 min. until it hardens

8) Glue on silk flowers and other embellishments

9) Place flameless candle inside

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