Without Magic for a Spell

Later in the evening, as she sits reading in front of the fire, Cassie is overcome by a familiar feeling. The next morning, she heads for the botanical gardens to confirm her suspicions; the Middleton Merriwick has finally bloomed. When she arrives she finds Daphne already at the gardens taking notes on the Merriwick. Grace soon follows and, as luck would have it, her camera started working again. Abigail is next to arrive and her timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. Cassie casually asks her cousin how hard it would be to create a hybrid species from a graft of a plant like the Merriwick. Abigail is sure it couldn’t be accomplished without an exceptional knowledge of botany. Cassie also suspects Grace’s camera probably has a few images of footprints around the Merriwick at the time after it was cut. The last piece of the puzzle comes when Cassie notices that Daphne has a pair of pruning shears that look oddly similar to the cut mark left on the Merriwick. As the evidence becomes clear, Chief Sanders arrives and with no other choice, Daphne decides to come clean. She admits she wanted see if I she could make a plant that bloomed with that flower every year. Chief Sanders then takes ahold of Daphne and escorts her from the gardens.

Back at Grey House, Kevin is nervously pacing when Abigail arrives. Apart from apologizing to her, Kevin also needs Abigail’s signature on documents that will formally dissolve their advertising agency. Abigail almost signed the papers but, sensing something was off, she asked Kevin for some time to review the documents. Feeling better, Abigail is ready to sign and asks Kevin if she can borrow his pen. Kevin obliges and hands her a pen with the words “Publicis” printed on it. Publicis is one of the biggest ad agencies in the business and Abigail remembers that she and her friends always dreamed of making their agency as big as Publicis. Kevin tries to play coy but Abigail reveals that she’s made some calls and learned some interesting information. Due to a very important client, Publicis has now decided to buy Abigail’s former company and, if she signs the papers, she’d be completely cut out of the profits from the sale. Kevin makes a feeble apology but Abigail has already seen through the lies. So, instead of signing Kevin’s documents, her lawyer will be sending his own set of documents that ensure that Abigail receives all that she’s owed from the sale of her company.

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