A Budding Romance

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Season 3, Episode 1

Cassie exchanges texts with Sam at the shop, where she lets him know she can’t wait to meet up. Before she takes off, she runs into Grace and her friend and two have a pleasant exchange. Meanwhile, Sam is getting ready to head off to meet Cassie when he runs into Martha, who needs to see a physician. He reluctantly agrees to do a quick exam on Martha’s arm.

Cassie and Sam finally meet up in the city park, where they discover the famous Merriwick flower is in bloom after decades. When Martha hears of this news, she wants to market the flower’s bloom as a tourist attraction. Martha explains that when the Merriwick blooms, love takes over the air. In fact, one of the first times it bloomed, marriage proposals tripled in Middleton… or so she has heard.

Back at Grey House, Cassie meets a botanist Daphne Randall, who is in town to learn more about the Middleton Merriwick. Daphne’s university sent her to study the flower and booked her room at Grey House.

As Grace walks home after school, she is met by Nick, and the two start talking about school. Nick asks Grace if she will help him study for his upcoming biology test and Grace excitedly accepts the invite.

Martha takes Daphne to the park so she can meet the famous Merriwick flower and they run into Cassie doing the same. Martha explains that the flower is actually named after Cassie’s ancestors. Cassie explains she feels a spiritual connection to the flower. After a close look, Daphne’s eyes light up and she says she has never seen another flower like it. In fact, this might be the only Merriwick on earth!

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Highlights - Sam Shows up with Flowers - Good Witch

Later on that evening, Cassie is happy to see the bouquet of beautiful flowers Sam picked out for her at Abigail’s. Grace spots the flowers and is a bit surprised that Sam is now buying her mother flowers. When Grace hears that Sam and Cassie met at the park, she leaves the room.

Cassie tracks Grace down to her room to test her feelings on dating Sam. Grace is happy that Sam makes her mom so happy, but she is afraid their relationship will get too crowded with Sam in the mix. Cassie assures her daughter that it will never get too crowded for her. Grace says she knows that, but she wishes she found out sooner that the two were dating. The two share a special moment, and with a smile, Grace says Sam has good taste in flowers.

The next morning, Daphne continues to study the Merriwick flower in the park and meets George. They are interrupted by Abigail, who is in the park looking for flower ideas.

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Grace meets with Nick over coffee to prepare him for his upcoming biology exam. The two flirt and before he leaves, Nick tells Grace that she is by far his best teacher. When Nick departs, Stephanie sits down and wants to know the details of what is going on between the two teenagers. Grace smiles and says nothing, but Stephanie is not so sure about that. Later on, Nick sends Grace a text asking if she is available to talk tomorrow because he has an important question for her. She begins to wonder: is Nick about to ask her out?

Sam gets home to find Nick, who needs advice about girls and how to ask one out. Sam wants to know who the girl is, but Nick refuses to say. Sam recommends keeping it casual, but also suggests bringing flowers.

Meanwhile, back at Grey House, Cassie asks Grace how studying went with Nick, and Grace plays it off coy. When she steps out, Abigail wants to know more details. Grace admits that she likes Nick, but can’t go to her mother about it because of relationship with Nick’s dad. But there’s more to it than that. Grace tells Abigail that since Nick’s her good friend, she is not sure she wants him to ask her out. Abigail suggests letting Nick know how important their friendship is to her before he gets the chance to ask her out. She thinks that will make Nick back down from making a move.

Cassie pays Martha a visit at the mayor’s office and Martha wants to know how to market the Merriwick flower. She finds an annual famous flower book that features a selected city on the cover each year, and thinks this year Middleton could be the one. As the two women discuss marketing ideas, somebody is in the park snipping a stem from the Merriwick. All of a sudden, Cassie has an unpleasant feeling and doesn’t know why.

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The next morning, Cassie, Martha and Grace head to the park to find one of the stems from the Merriwick flower missing. Martha is concerned the flower won’t survive, but she keeps tell herself that everything will be okay.

Back at Abigail’s Flower, Sam’s back for a new bouquet of flowers. Abigail is surprised he is buying yet another bouquet for Cassie, and instead he settles on the romantic sentiment of one single rose.

Nick and Grace are on their walk and she awkwardly tries to deflect when it begins to look like Nick is about to ask her out. She is pleasantly surprised when Nick reveals he wants to know how to ask Courtney out, and assures her it won’t interfere in his and Grace’s friendship. Her advice to Nick is to not overthink asking Courtney out and just go for it.

Highlights - The Mystery Deepens - Good Witch

News travels of the missing stem on the Merriwick flower. Daphne lets Martha know that the cut stem shouldn’t affect the plant permanently. Chief Sanders tells Martha the police will set up their investigation in the conference room of the station so Martha can track their progress minute by minute.

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Abigail wants an update from Grace about her meet-up with Nick. Grace says that she would feel more comfortable talking to her mother about it. Abigail agrees that is the right decision and lets Cassie take over. Cassie asks Grace how she really feels about Nick. Grace responds that she looks to Nick like a brother. Grace shares that there is a weird feeling in the air and Cassie says the whole town is feeling the anxiety while waiting for the Merriwick flower to bloom.

Later that night, Grace and Courtney catch-up about their day and Courtney reveals Nick asked her out. Grace thinks they will have a great time, but Courtney says she turned Nick down because she thought Grace liked him. Grace denies liking Nick in that way and gives Courtney \ permission to go out with him. Courtney smiles and says she now needs to tell Nick she has changed her mind. Courtney also tells Grace that two guys from her photography club want to ask Grace out, leaving Grace feeling surprised.

Highlights - Something's Very Wrong - Good Witch

At the café, Sam surprises Cassie with the single rose, but she cuts herself on a thorn. While Sam heads to the kitchen to grab Cassie a napkin, Abigail shows up. She wants to know why she has been feeling so off all day and Cassie doesn’t have an answer.