A Budding Romance

Season 3, Episode 1

Cassie exchanges texts with Sam at the shop, where she lets him know she can’t wait to meet up. Before she takes off, she runs into Grace and her friend and two have a pleasant exchange. Meanwhile, Sam is getting ready to head off to meet Cassie when he runs into Martha, who needs to see a physician. He reluctantly agrees to do a quick exam on Martha’s arm.

Cassie and Sam finally meet up in the city park, where they discover the famous Merriwick flower is in bloom after decades. When Martha hears of this news, she wants to market the flower’s bloom as a tourist attraction. Martha explains that when the Merriwick blooms, love takes over the air. In fact, one of the first times it bloomed, marriage proposals tripled in Middleton… or so she has heard.

Back at Grey House, Cassie meets a botanist Daphne Randall, who is in town to learn more about the Middleton Merriwick. Daphne’s university sent her to study the flower and booked her room at Grey House.

As Grace walks home after school, she is met by Nick, and the two start talking about school. Nick asks Grace if she will help him study for his upcoming biology test and Grace excitedly accepts the invite.

Martha takes Daphne to the park so she can meet the famous Merriwick flower and they run into Cassie doing the same. Martha explains that the flower is actually named after Cassie’s ancestors. Cassie explains she feels a spiritual connection to the flower. After a close look, Daphne’s eyes light up and she says she has never seen another flower like it. In fact, this might be the only Merriwick on earth!

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