Recap: When You Were Young - Season 2 - Episode 3

The Landry women and Elliot reflect on what it means to grow up as they hang on to memories from their younger days while accepting who they have become.

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In present day, Alice is in her room reading from “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” In 1814, Kat chases after the boy she saw when she exited the pond, thought to be Jacob. When she catches up with him, she realizes that it is not her Jacob. As he runs off, a man approaches to ask if she needs assistance. He introduces himself as Elijah Landry.

In present day, Del is loading her truck with crates of produce to sell at the market. Remembering the news Hank told her, Alice runs over to help Del.

In the meantime, in 1814, Kat gets acquainted with Elijah. She learns that the boy’s name is, in fact Jacob, and he is Elijah’s grandson, son to his son William. Elijah offers Kat to stay with him for the night since she’s been traveling. She accepts and realizes his home is her home, 200 years later. She also learns that Elijah’s wife Rebecca died, and his son helped to build the Port Haven lighthouse.

In present day, Elliot arrives at the Landry farm looking for Kat. He gets lost in a memory of his teenage self, Jacob, and Colton. Teen Elliot tells them that he must get home before his dad leaves again. Colton tells Teen Elliot that there’s always a seat for him at their table.

At the market, Alice helps Del at her stall, protesting giving away generous free samples. Monica approaches and offers her a job at The Point. Alice tells her she will think about it as she’d rather help Del.

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At the market, Rita visits the stall with flyers featuring the Port Haven lighthouse. She’s offering tours of it for a price. Alice suggests Del save her money and not attend the tour. Del wonders why Alice is so concerned, and Alice blurts out “because we are going to lose the farm.” This catches the attention of everyone.

In 1814, Kat notices Jacob’s initials on the table which he uses to leave his mark. As Elijah stokes the fire, he whistles a love song that Colton wrote for Del. Shocked, Kat wonders how he knows that song. He tells her his other son used to sing it all the time as a boy. He took this son in twenty years ago, but he’s still considered a Landry. His son William even named his son…after his Jacob. Kat wonders where that Jacob is, and Elijah reveals he’s in Canada delivering a ship for the war efforts. Elijah tells her he will be returning home but wonders how Katherine knows the song that Jacob used to sing as a child. She confesses she’s been searching over twenty years for her brother Jacob. Elijah relates as that is the amount of time that has passed since he took in that Jacob. He tells her, he always knew that someone would come looking for him. He takes her hands and welcomes her into the family.

In the present, Del and Alice suffer a flat tire. Alice apologizes for sharing the news aloud. Del tells her not to jump to dramatic conclusions as it can start rumors. As they prepare to change the tire, a man pulls up to offer help. Del declines, but the man accidentally leaves his wrench behind.

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At home, Elliot flashes back to see himself running into the house, calling up the stairs to his dad, who is not home. Next, Teen Elliot finds peanut butter and jelly on the table with a note that reads “Back Friday.”

In 1814, Elijah tells Kat what happened the day he found Jacob. He was separated from his family, and they have provided him with a loving home ever since. When Susanna returns, Kat discovers that she is Jacob’s betrothed, while Susanna learns that Kat is Jacob’s sister.

In present day, Del is on the phone shooting down rumors of farm troubles. She walks outside to the fields as her mystery horse stands behind her. She greets him. Later, Alice wonders who the mystery horse is. Del tells her she doesn’t know but she will find out.

In 1814, Susanna and Kat are at the pond’s edge. Susanna is suspicious of Kat being Jacob’s sister, because the last time they met, she told her she was looking for the child Jacob, not the man. Kat tries to explain, but Susanna says Jacob never mentioned a sister and finds Kat deceitful. She pulls out a knife as a warning to Kat. To prove that she means no harm, Kat jumps into the pond and doesn’t resurface.

Upon Kat’s return, she sees Elliot tending to his lawn. She shares that she found Jacob alive. A shocked Elliot hugs and praises her. They go inside and Kat further explains that Jacob is living a happy adult life, and she shouldn’t expect him to leave. That said, Kat still wants Jacob in her time.

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Back home, Kat shares the details with Alice and wonders why Elijah and Rebecca only listed their one son, William, in the Almanac. Alice encourages her to not give up hope. Alice wants to go back with Kat but Kat refuses.

The next morning on her way to work, Kat sees Del with the mystery horse. Before she drives off, Kat notices that Del looks happy. Del smiles at the horse and gets lost in a memory of herself and Colton discussing horses. Rita pulls up and shakes her out of her memory. She’s brought over tons of pies courtesy of the community members who heard the rumors. Del says it was all a misunderstanding. Del tells Alice to find something else to do with her time than worry.

At the Herald, Kat gets a young visitor offering to work for her as an intern. They introduce themselves as Casey Goodwin, Evelyn’s grandchild. Kat offers them an internship to go through the archives. As Casey walks over to the boxes to get started, Kat takes a phone call. She’s looking to hire someone to do an age-progression rendering.

Outside Elliot’s, Alice approaches. Elliot apologizes to her for what happened at Lingermore. Alice shares that the pond keeps rejecting her and seeks his advice.

At the Herald, Alice walks in while announcing herself as the summer intern reporting for duty. She expects to find Kat, but instead finds Casey, who has already been hired as an intern. Alice tells Casey she didn’t realize that her mom filled the position. She leaves and heads to the Pointe to take the job Monica offered her.

Alice begins work and is frazzled while trying to keep up. She spills coffee on Noah, the most popular guy at school. Monica reminds her that he graduated, and she shouldn’t worry because she will eventually catch on.

Elliot is outside the lighthouse staring at the benches. He’s thrown into a flashback of himself with Teen Kat there. While his dad is away, she offers him a seat at their table for dinner. Adult Kat snaps him out of the memory, and they sit on the same benches in the present. Kat reminds Elliot that Jacob built the lighthouse, which is proof that he lived a life beyond boyhood. Elliot uses the opportunity to correct himself. He shares he should’ve told her although Jacob is an adult now, he will always be her little brother. Kat expresses regret for losing him. Elliot comforts her and expresses she was the best sister, and it extended to him because she treated him like family. He apologizes for what he said to her about Colton’s death. He admits they are the family he never had. Kat also apologizes and admits she won’t be done with the past until she brings Jacob home. She doesn’t want to lose Elliot either, and they shake hands.

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At the farm, Del tells Alice that when she was younger the family lost everything, including her horses, and she promised herself that it would never happen again. She doesn’t want to let the farm go because it is the family legacy. Alice encourages her to follow her heart. As Alice walks away, the mystery horse walks over to Del. Though it has been years, Del hops on the horse and goes for a ride. Kat pulls up and is in awe at the sight.

Kat and Alice are together in her room. Kat shares that she made a pact with Elliot not to discuss time travel, and about the age progression of Jacob. Kat shows Alice the image and tells her he’s still their Jacob.

Inside the Landry barn, a man pulls up. It’s Sam, the one who tried to help Del with her flat tire. He bought Hank’s farm next door, and though he hasn’t taken over the lease on her land yet, he wanted to meet his neighbors. Del also learns that the mystery horse is his.

In her room, Kat studies Jacob’s age progression image on her phone while holding it next to a framed picture of him as a child. She accidentally drops the frame, and when she kneels to pick it up, she notices a stack of images of the pond are taped to the side of the desk.

Alice confronts Elliot outside his house. She recalls that Elliot once told her that they made a pact not to discuss her travels anymore, but she doesn’t remember that and realizes they must have talked about that in another trip to the past that she has not taken yet. She recalls that her mom told her she never saw her again, so what could the pond want her to do? Elliot remains tight-lipped and offers her advice to not be in a hurry to jump back in. All of what she knows of them from the past will soon change. Alice takes in what he’s saying with confusion and unease.