Recap: What's My Age Again? - Episode 4

Alice double dates with her parents as teens. Kat's first visit to the past brings a surprising discovery. Del swallows her pride to ask for help.

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Kat jumps into the pond and floats back up in 1999. She witnesses teen Kat and Alice singing “Summer Girls” by LFO while playing the ukulele in the grass. Kat is in pure shock watching her teenage self in conversation with her daughter Alice. They are trading stories about their summer relationships. Alice says she hasn’t spoken to Nick, but teen Kat has spoken to Brady and he’s coming to visit. She wants Alice to meet Brady. Alice tells teen Kat that she has to head back but will try to be back in time to meet him.

Adult Kat watches Alice jump in the pond to return to present day. Before she can think to follow after her, she hears a child’s laughter coming from the farm. She traces it and witnesses Colton and Jacob playing football. Soon after, Del brings out food for them. They are all smiles. Kat looks on and becomes inconsolable.

In present day, Alice and Elliot are preparing to clean the boat as promised to Del. Del sees them and is impressed that Alice stuck to her word.

In the kitchen, Del is preparing to serve dinner. She invites Alice to Lobster Social, a big event for Port Haven that celebrates the fishing industry. Alice tells Del she can’t come because she has to meet someone. Del insists she wants Kat and Alice around to help her to keep things in order around the house.

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Back in 1999, adult Kat is still hiding behind the family boat, watching her family. Her hand accidentally hits the boat and Colton hears the bang. He comes closer towards her to discover the noise. He sees Kat and asks her if she needs help. She declines and runs off while tears stream down her face.

In the present, Kat is still in shock reviewing the Polaroid picture of her and Alice. Alice approaches her to see if she is okay. Kat begs Alice to spend the day with her at the Lobster Social. Alice says she has plans but Kat talks her out of it.

At the Lobster Social, Kat tries to make a real connection with Alice, trying to duplicate the relationship she had with Alice as a teen in 1999. Kat sees Elliot and shares she believes she has a new chance to connect with Alice. Meanwhile, Alice disappears. She sees Spencer and apologizes for not making his birthday party. They make amends.

Del sees Rita and they put their previous disagreement behind them.

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Kat interviews Monica as she’s covering the Lobster Social for The Herald. Kat has a glass of wine after the interview and runs into Andy. He gives her another glass of wine. As they chat, Kat gives him the breakdown of her life: her daughter has no use for her, her ex-husband is living with a younger woman and her current roommate is her mother. She wants to share more with him, but she is out of wine. To her surprise, he leans in to kiss her. She tells him she hasn’t kissed anyone other than Brady in 20 years.

The next morning, Kat tells Del she hopes she doesn’t run into Andy because she’s slightly embarrassed of their unexpected public kiss. Del tells her that will be hard since it is a small town.

Alice initiates a call to her father. He is shocked. She’s calling to find out what he was like when he was younger.

Outside, Kat and Del are walking to the barn. Kat asks Del if she remembers her teenage friend Alice. Del is out of clues because there were many of Kat’s friends that came over. They run into Andy in the barn looking after Old Miss, their pregnant cow. Kat discovers that Andy is a Vet. While they’re talking, she witnesses Alice run past the barn. Kat follows after her right before Andy attempts to ask her out for a date.

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In 1999, Alice is at teen Elliot’s house eager to meet Brady. Alice reveals that Brady is her dad, that makes teen Elliot sad because he thought he would be with Kat in the future. Alice goes over to teen Kat’s house and witnesses her getting ready for her date with Brady. She invites Alice to come with Nick. Teen Kat calls Nick, and he agrees.

Kat, teen Brady, Alice and Nick go on their double date. Alice is completely intrigued to see her father as a teenager. She rapidly questions him about school and his upbringing. The group finds it odd but teen Brady answers her and fills her in on his plans. His demeanor is pompous. Adult Kat is watching the double date through the glass window of the restaurant.

Back in present day, Old Miss is in pain. Del tries to reach Andy and he is not answering. Neither is Kat. Elliot comes to the rescue. Old Miss’s water has broken and they are in desperate need of help. She phones Andy again and she gets his voicemail. They quickly decide to forget about Andy and Kat and help Old Miss themselves. They eventually help the cow give birth.

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In 1999, outside the movies, Nick is annoyed that Alice’s attention is more on teen Brady than him. She apologizes. Nick’s parents who own the theater interrupt them and ask them to go inside to watch the movie. They make their way in, and Kat follows behind them. She witnesses them at the concession stand where Elliot is the cashier. Teen Brady offers to buy snacks for the entire group but teen Elliot refuses to swipe his mother’s credit card. Nick says his parents own the place and allows for the snacks to be on the house. Inside the theater, teen Kat and teen Brady make out. Alice walks out to tell teen Elliot that her father is a jerk, and she can’t believe it. Adult Kat watches them talk. She realizes Elliot knows her daughter can time travel and never told her.

In present day, Kat storms into the barn to berate Elliot for not telling her the time travel secret. Elliot tells her instead of worrying about him, she should’ve been worrying about Alice and helping out Del around the house. He was the one helping Old Miss give birth, helping Alice clean the boat and looking out for Del for years. She has not.

In the barn, Del tells Elliot and Kat that she couldn’t lose Old Miss because it is the last trace of what she and Colton have done around the farm. Del sincerely thanks Elliot for everything he’s done for her throughout the years. Kat thanks Elliot too.

They hear a car pull up to the farm. Brady has come for a visit.