Recap: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Season 2 - Episode 4

Alice reevaluates the past and her friendship with Elliot, Kat discovers that history is told by the winners, Del questions the stories she tells herself.

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In 2000, Alice approaches the Landry house and sees Young Del, Young Kat, Colton and Jacob all dancing together in the kitchen. Kat sees Alice through the window and beckons her in to join them for dinner, and Kat asks Jacob to take a polaroid picture of her and Alice. Alice asks Jacob what’s new in his world, and he responds that he’s drowning. Kat shows Alice the picture Jacob just took of them, and it’s just of the pond beneath the water’s surface. Alice says she can’t see them, and light and sound begin to close in on her. She wakes up from this dream in her bed in the present-day Landry house, anxious and startled. Adult Brady walks in and Alice starts crying; her father comforts her as she eyes the open “Alice Through the Looking Glass” book on her table.

In the present-day Landry kitchen, Brady makes Alice breakfast and tells her he wants to hang out while he’s in town for a few days. Alice tells her parents that she promised a friend she’d meet for breakfast and heads out. Elliot watches Alice from his porch as she runs to the pond.

In the barn attic in the past, Young Elliot is startled to see Alice. He tells her that it’s October 2001 and she missed everything over the last year; he points to news coverage on his computer of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Back in the present-day Landry kitchen, Kat and Brady bring up the family land with Del. Brady offers to help with the lease, but Del assures them both not to worry. Kat tells Del this land is Landry history – maybe more than she knows - and leaves, upset. Kat sees Danny working by the barn, and she has a flashback to when she time traveled in 1999 and saw him and Jacob playing together as kids. Kat approaches Danny in present day at the barn and tells him about the stack of Jacob’s pond pictures that she found. Danny reminisces about “Jake’s Pond” and how Jacob always wanted them to play near it.

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Back in the barn in 2001, Young Elliot tells Alice he’s 19 now and going to university but living at home. Alice realizes that this must mean that Kat is in Minneapolis now with Brady at journalism school. Alice and Elliot make a pact then for Alice not to tell him any more about the future. Elliot tells Alice he isn’t surprised that the pond brought her back here now, because Kat is also home this weekend with Brady for the first time in a year.

In 2024 at The Point, Brady reiterates to Kat his desire to help Del with the lease paperwork. Elliot enters, and Kat tells him she wants to tell him the latest in her time traveling. She doesn’t, though, as she believes it would be breaking the boundaries they previously established.

In 2001, Alice talks to Elliot about how she never thought she’d see Young Kat again, as Adult Kat insists that she never sees her again after Colton’s funeral. Alice runs out of the barn when she sees Kat and Brady leave the house, but they don’t see her.

In the present, Elliot comes to the Herald to talk to Kat. He says that he now does want to know about Kat’s time travel, because it’s about Jacob. Kat shows Elliot Jacob’s picture collection of the pond. She worries that something awful is going to happen to Jacob that erases him from history, since he was alive for the birth of Port Haven, but he isn’t in any history records.

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Brady approaches Del on her bee farm to talk with her about the Landry farm. Del says she already told Hank that she’s not going to require Sam Bishop to continue leasing her land. Brady worries that Del might be being taken advantage of, and asks her to consider his help. Del thinks it over.

Later in her bedroom, Kat finds a small blue box that she pulls out of her dresser. Downstairs, Brady has cooked dinner and set the table for the four of them. Kat gives Brady her wedding ring back, and they all reminisce about the night of Kat and Brady’s proposal. Brady said it was like a scene out of Kat’s favorite movie, “Moulin Rouge,” with singing and dancing at The Point. Brady laments that their photographer flaked out, so they don’t have pictures of the moment. Kat and Del both look uncomfortable at the mention of Brady and Kat’s proposal, which Brady confirms was during the fall of 2001.

Back in 2001, Alice runs up to Young Elliot who is outside the Landry house. He says Kat’s still home, but that it’s intense inside because the New York City first responder’s 9/11 concert is on TV. Alice heads inside with Elliot, where an upset Young Kat is on the couch with Young Del as they watch the concert. Elliot tells Alice to stop and not go in, so they watch from the foyer. Brady asks for Del’s help in the kitchen, where he tells Del he’d like to propose to Kat the next day. When Elliot overhears this, he stumbles outside and Alice follows. Crying and upset, Elliot asks if Alice knew that Brady was going to propose, and she admits that she did. Elliot says he loves Kat and he always has since they were kids, but now he’s out of time. Elliot says being surprised is so much worse than knowing what’s going to happen, and that he doesn’t care about their pact in the future: he wants to know everything. He asks Alice if he and Kat have a future at all, and Alice says that knowing the two of them, they’re going to be just fine.

In the present-day Landry kitchen, Del brings the lease paperwork to Brady for him to read it over, saying that she would appreciate his help. At Elliot’s house, he and Kat talk on his couch about Jacob and the past. Kat tells Elliot about Susanna, and shows Elliot a picture of the “My Katherine 1814” painting that she found at Lingermore. Elliot tells Kat that she’s so close to finding out what happened to Jacob, and that not knowing the answer can be worse than knowing, despite her fears.

Kat travels back to 1814 and navigates her way through the woods in the dark as she hears yelling and gunshots. She comes upon a gathering of men around a fire, talking about history marking this day as one that changed the world forever. Cyrus Goodwin condemns this celebration of the demise of their American brothers. The men discuss recent business, as Cyrus believes someone might have stolen from him. Susanna comes up behind Kat in the woods, puts her hand over Kat’s mouth, and whispers for Kat to follow her.

Back at Susanna’s house, Kat asks her how it’s possible that her gunshot wound is gone. Susanna quotes a poem and says that she is a healer, and that she has a connection to nature and magic in the world. Kat says that she really wants to trust Susanna, and Susanna says that she can. Kat tells her about her ability to time travel through the pond, and about Jacob’s time travel to 1814 years ago. Susanna believes Kat, and Kat tells her that Jacob’s not in the history books. Susanna says this is because history is written by the winners, and Port Haven’s winner is Cyrus Goodwin.

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In 2024, Kat arrives at Elliot’s yard from the pond. She tells Elliot that Jacob still isn’t home in the past, but that while she didn’t find her brother, she may have found a sister in Susanna. In the Landry kitchen, Del and Brady meet with Sam Bishop. He tells Brady about how he was told Del would be fine if he broke the terms of the lease, which Del corroborates. Sam says that he will, however, abide by what’s written in the lease to keep the land. At this, Brady celebrates their legal “win.”

At The Point, Alice rushes to wrap up her shift, eager to get back to 2001 to witness her parents’ proposal. A boy her age pays the bill and asks if she’ll be performing at the open mic that night; she says she might make it.

Alice arrives back in 2001 to Elliot pulling up quickly in his car. He tells her that Brady asked him to take pictures of his proposal to Kat and they’re running late.

In present day, Del meets up with Sam in the yard to talk about the meeting earlier with Brady. Sam says he’d be happy to continue to lease her land until Del finds a more permanent solution. Del refuses, saying that she doesn’t take handouts.

Back in 2001, Young Elliot is about to take pictures of the proposal, and Alice watches from outside so she isn’t seen. Brady and his friends perform “Come What May” from “Moulin Rouge” to Kat, and then gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Kat, overwhelmed, says that it’s too much and storms out.

Nick sees Alice through the window and runs outside to hug her; they go for a walk down by the dock to his boat. Kat and Brady have an argument that leads down onto the dock, and Alice and Nick overhear. Kat, upset, tells Brady that Port Haven isn’t home anymore without her dad or Jacob. She tells Brady he’s her home now, and Brady says that Kat is everything to her. Elliot sees them out on the dock, but he doesn’t appear to take a picture. Kat proposes back to Brady on the dock, and Brady gets down on one knee again; this time, Kat says yes. Alice and Nick are then alone on his boat once more and share a kiss. Alice says that she has to go, and Nick asks if he’ll ever see her again. She tells him yes, some day, he will.

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In present day, Alice sits with Elliot on his porch and tells him how she just saw the proposal in 2001. He gives her a picture that he actually did take that night, and Alice and Nick are in the background of the photo in the boat.

Later, Alice walks into The Point with her guitar and Elliot for the open mic. Brady is there, and he gives Alice her mom’s wedding ring, telling Alice that she is their love story. Alice asks her mom if she’s sure she never saw her again when she was younger, and Kat appears worried that Alice keeps asking her this. Alice performs an acoustic version of “Superman (It's Not Easy)” by Five for Fighting at the open mic. As she plays and sings, Kat has a flashback to the night they watched the 9/11 benefit where Five for Fighting were performing the same song. Elliot has flashbacks to Kat and Brady’s proposal night, and to deleting the picture that he actually did take of their proposal off of his computer.

As Alice performs, Kat asks Elliot if Alice keeps traveling back in time. Elliot confirms that she does, and Kat asks him if Alice is going to see something, not revealing what it is. Elliot confirms that Alice will see it. Kat says Alice is going to hate her for it, but Elliot tells Kat that she and Alice are going to be just fine.