Recap: The End of the World as We Know It - Episode 7

Alice goes to a NYE Y2K party to support her friend. Kat finds a new mystery about her father, while Del reveals an old secret about him that's troubled her.

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Upset, Alice heads off to the pond with Kat following closely behind her, wanting to talk. Alice refuses and jumps in.

In 1999, the entire community is outside searching for Jacob with flashlights. Alice approaches them looking for teen Kat. Teen Elliot informs her that she’s at home but only family is allowed there at this time. Alice insists she is family and heads to the Landry house.

She arrives and finds the family talking with police. Alice apologizes to teen Kat for not being able to stop Jacob’s disappearance. Kat tells Alice this moment is not about her. Teen Brady asks Alice to leave. She does but watches the family through the window from the porch.

Back in 2023, Alice is in bed staring into space. Kat walks in and wants to talk but Alice declines.

Del organizes her pottery pieces and packs them into boxes. She wonders why Alice is in bed and Kat tells her she’s having a mental health day. Del is also planning an exhibition and tells Kat that Monica will allow her to have the café space as a payback for falsely accusing her of removing the carnival posters.

Outside, Elliot and Kat enjoy tea. Kat tells Elliot that she’s trying to give Alice space but it’s hard. She also can’t stop thinking about Jacob, but she’s done the best she could and maybe she’s ready to leave the past behind. Elliot tells her she should feel lucky that she got one more extra moment with Jacob.

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Del enters Alice’s room to cheer her up. She invites Alice to join her in the pottery studio in hopes that it will get her out of her funk.

At the Herald, Byron fires Kat because she has not been focused. He asks her to return the archives.

In the studio, Del gives Alice an introduction to pottery. Kat walks in and doesn’t greet them, heading directly to the cellar. There she reviews the board of archives documenting Jacob’s disappearance. Kat spots one of her Colton’s jackets and grabs it, pulling it to her face, breathing in the scents of her father. She finds a note inside that has the initials “M.S.” with a phone number and address. She asks Del about it but she says she doesn’t know what the note is about.

Kat finds Elliot and convinces him to go with her to the address on the note. Elliot reminds her that she said she was done with the past. Kat says the past is never dead.

They drive together to the location, enjoying songs from their childhood. They arrive at an abandoned motel. Elliot tells Kat he knows this doesn’t look good, but her father was a good man. Kat still wants to investigate why her father had the note.

At home, Byron helps Del while Spencer arrives to visit Alice. Del gives Spencer permission to go upstairs to Alice, who is still in her pajamas. Alice apologizes, and Spencer offers to take her to dinner to get her in better spirits.

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Kat meets Del in her studio. She doesn’t tell the truth about being fired, instead focusing on getting Del to admit that she knows something about the note. Del still insists she knows nothing. Kat tells Del to stop shutting her out when it comes to the past.

At the café, Spencer has prepared dinner for himself and Alice. He tells Alice when he grows up he wants to be a chef - he will be catering Del’s exhibition. When he asks Alice if she sees a future in Port Haven, she tells him maybe.

At home, Alice tells Kat she has finally eaten and she’s feeling better…sort of. She cries that she couldn’t save Jacob. Kat embraces her, assuring her it is not her fault. They share stories of that night, comforting one another through it. Alice tells Kat that she has to go back because she wants to be there for teen Kat. Alice reminds her mom that they used to be best friends back then and it is only right.

In 1999, Alice goes to the Landry home, discovering she’s been gone for two months. She and teen Kat prep for teen Monica’s Y2K New Year’s Eve party. Teen Kat seems in high spirits despite Jacob’s recent disappearance.

When they arrive at the event, teen Elliot tells Alice that the police recently called off the search for Jacob. He didn’t think teen Kat would come to the party.

Meanwhile, Del’s exhibition is in full swing. Monica gives Del the honor of Artisan of the Month. During Del’s acceptance speech, she admits that she’s starting to see the value of community.

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At the New Year’s Eve party, teen Kat is having a blast. Alice and Nick escape the party and head to the garage to chat. He gives her a fishhook bracelet because she hooked him. Nick convinces Alice to join him in a prank to shut the lights off at midnight in honor of Y2K, also known as the “end of the world.” The countdown begins and when the clock strikes midnight Nick shuts off the lights. The party erupts in screams and laughter. Nick and Alice share a kiss.

On the dance floor, teen Kat collapses into a panic attack. The realization of the police ending the search for Jacob hits her like a ton of bricks. Alice comforts her with breathing exercises. Teen Kat fears that Jacob is gone forever. She tells Alice her parents stopped speaking to her.

In 2023, after Del’s event, Kat and Elliot take a walk. Kat tells Elliot she’s never seen her mother this happy. She also shares that she can feel chemistry between herself and Elliot. Elliot tells her he’s been waiting to kiss her for a long time. When he finally does, it will be perfect.

The new millennium has started, and Alice walks teen Kat home. Colton sees them and asks Alice if she’s staying over. She tells him no and that her mother will be picking her up. Colton wants to know if she still plays guitar, encouraging her to keep at it.

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At the café, Del finds out that Byron isn’t coming because he is overwhelmed with work. She wonders why he has so much work if Kat recently told her it was slow. Kat is forced to admit she lied and that she was recently fired. Kat tells Del the reason is because she distracted herself with the wrong things and denied her feelings… just like her mom. Del says that’s not what she does. She was forced to stay busy with work because Colton did not leave a lot of money. He spent a lot of it after Jacob disappeared. Kat wonders on what and Del answers with a question: what do men spend money on and not tell their wives?

Del has a flashback of finding Colton on the phone with someone. He says it is nobody. Del tells him they will be late for the New Year’s Eve party, but he says he is not going. He feels he is the only one that hasn’t forgotten Jacob. Del says that’s not true. Del decides to stay home with Colton. They watch the ball drop in silence. The memories overwhelm Del.

In 2023, Del visits Byron at the Herald to asks why he didn’t show up. She discovers he had an accident at the office. He shows her the article he was working on in her honor, titled, “The Matriarch of Port Haven.” Del loves it.

Back at home, Kat hears Alice playing music. She smiles. She then stares at the note she found in Colton’s jacket. She’s up to something. She heads to the pond and braces herself.