Recap: The Day The Music Died - Episode 9

Alice says goodbye to the past, knowing she needs to make a life in the present. Kat tries to stop her father's death. Del revisits memories in a new light.

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In 2000, teen Kat and teen Brady are out for dinner at the Point Café. Teen Kat shares that things are bad at home and Teen Brady invites her to move with him to Minneapolis. As they prepare to leave the café, they see a police car drive by. Teen Brady sees it as a sign to get going. They arrive back at the Landrys’ to learn the police car was on the way there. Teen Elliot runs over to find out what’s happening. They deliver the news that Colton didn’t survive a car accident. Teen Kat grabs teen Elliot’s hand rather than teen Brady’s for comfort.

In 2023, Kat packs a toiletry bag and heads to the kitchen. She tells Alice she needs a break and will spend the weekend away. She heads to Elliot’s house and asks to spend the weekend with him. She shares her plans with Elliot, that she needs to go to the past to get answers about Colton.

In 2000, she visits the farm to watch as Colton sees her teenage self off to the train station. He says his goodbyes and heads to his truck. He notices he left his keys inside the house, so he goes for them. Adult Kat uses it as an opportunity to sneak into the truck’s bed. Colton returns and heads to an unknown destination.

At the Point in 2023, Elliot has flashbacks of teen Kat telling him that she’s leaving for the University of Minnesota. Alice pulls him out of the memory when she takes a seat at his table. She explains that the last few trips to the past have been rough. She wants to leave the past in the past. Elliot commends her for her wisdom. Spencer and Zoey enter and share good news that Spencer has been hired to cater an event at the Roxy. The two seem so happy about their current lives and Alice realizes how much she’s missed out on the present.

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When Colton arrives at his location, adult Kat watches him exit his truck and approach a house. A woman opens the door to welcome him in. Kat approaches the house and Colton opens the door and asks if she’s coming in to join them. She does and realizes that Colton is at a grief support group. They welcome Kat, who introduces herself as Rose. Colton shares that the search for Jacob is over and that everyone has given up. He doesn’t believe he is strong enough to give up. He cries because he feels he no longer knows how to be a good husband to the wife he loves or a loving dad.

In 2023, Del and Alice take a walk. Alice shares that she’s been too focused on what was rather than what is, causing her to miss out on developing current friendships. Del shows Alice that the pond will freeze over in the winter and perhaps they should take a cue from mother nature. Del tells Alice that seasons change, and they should evolve and focus on what is.

Colton gives adult Kat a ride back home to Port Haven. He wants to drop her off at her doorstep, but she says dropping her off on the road is better because she wants to keep the support group a secret from her family. He leaves her there and she notices that it is the same place that he will have his accident.

In 2023 at Elliot’s house, Kat tells Elliot that the rumors were wrong, and it wasn’t another woman but a support group. She shares that she wants to go back to prevent her father’s death. Elliot doesn’t believe it’s a good idea to experience a family tragedy twice.

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In 2000, Alice arrives at the Landrys’ to see teen Kat, but she isn’t home. She enters her room and discovers the “Alice in Wonderland” book. She flips through the pages and lands on the line “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Alice underlines it. Downstairs, she asks Colton to play the song he once taught her. He agrees and grabs his guitar and plays the love song for Del. Del hears the song and gets emotional. So does Alice. She prepares to leave and says her final goodbyes to Colton.

After her return to the present, Alice approaches the farm in tears. Del hears her and runs to comfort her. Alice shares with her that she’s so happy that she’s still around. Del is confused but comforts her anyway.

At the café, Elliot arrives for dinner. He has another flashback of teen Kat, teen Nick and teen Elliot on graduation day. Teen Kat is sharing that she’s off to college and teen Elliot is the only friendly face to see her off. He promises her that he will do anything for her. Elliot snaps out of the memory and leaves the café for the Herald. While there, he asks Byron for access to the archives.

At home, Del and Alice share a moment. They are finally relating, and both agree to let go of the past. Alice calls Del “Grandma” for the first time and Del is overjoyed.

Elliot returns home and finds a damp Kat on the floor. The pond has rejected her. Elliot comforts her, letting her know it’s a sign that it’s not time to go. Kat reflects on the moment she grabbed teen Elliot’s hand the night her dad died instead of teen Brady’s. She realizes that she should’ve never let go of his hand.

Adult Kat returns to the past and finds Colton ready to take her to the support group. In the meeting, Colton shares how he wishes his marriage could work, as well as the sorrow he carries for his daughter. Adult Kat cries hearing her dad open up. Colton gives Kat a ride home and she tells him that she lost her dad. He comforts her and tells her the future is stronger than the past.

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In 2023, Kat shares the moment with Elliot. She figures out that her father might have been returning home from the support group the night his truck crashed. Kat tells Elliot that she wants to return to stop it now that she knows the route. Elliot tells her to just let it be, but she refuses. Elliot wants them to be more than just the past; he wants to talk about the future. Alice arrives and pleads with Kat to leave the past alone.

In the living room, Kat shares with Del that Colton was going to therapy and he was trying to heal for the family. Del wants to do healing for herself. Kat leaves Del to listen to music. She falls into a memory of her and Colton dancing, as he tells her that she’s his home.

Alice asks her mom to have a sleepover with her, like old times. Alice shows Kat the underlined message in the “Alice in Wonderland” book.

Later, Kat heads back to the pond to try to save Colton. She arrives back at the location where his truck crashed in 2000. Alice joins her there to plead with her to leave. As Alice tries to pull her mom back towards the pond, Colton’s truck approaches. He swerves to avoid hitting Alice and crashes into the pole. They hear sirens and Alice pleads with her mom to leave. Kat says her goodbyes to her father as life leaves his body.

Meanwhile, Elliot reads through the archives, where it says the police saw two women running through the woods during the time of Colton’s fatal crash.